As I mentioned, I’m trying the free Hootsuite Pro Program for 90 days. One of the things it has suggested I do is be on Pinterest. Not directly, but by identifying an audience. The main users of Pinterest are women. Last time I checked…IMG_6793

After a day or two, a realization cropped up. Many of my posts are centred around photographs already and it would be a new experience posting to that sort of site. So I’ll probably get around to doing that in the next little while. I’ll let you know.

I learned something new about nail polish the other day. It is best not to try to apply it in direct sun. It wasn’t even that hot, a 70 degree day, but the sun dried it so fast it was difficult to get on evenly. The manicure is OK. Good enough for sitting at home writing at the very least. I do enjoy seeing a splash of pink when I look at my hands.


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