Great Neighbours

From my balcony. I often watch the comings and goings of my neighbours. I find it very pleasant. There is always something going on. Mundane things like walking of dogs, retrieving mail, walking to the park, delivering newspapers and simply strolling.

My neighbours put a mummy in their tree for Halloween. I know this post seems out of date, but I got distracted for a few months, finishing my wall and did not post, even though I wrote.

The boys in the neighbourhood were daring each other to hit the mummy. It was obviously something that scared them. They would poke it and jump back and it would swing in the tree.

The innocence of being absorbed in a moment. A childhood moment. Daring each other to poke the decorations and laughing and amusing themselves. It is like having low-budget live theatre in a kinda improv sort of way.



Pet Rat

I enjoy being in a neighbourhood with an assortment of families. I had to mention my neighbour was carrying a large white pet rat. That’s fantastic! How unexpected! At first I thought it was a cat, except for the tail.

Cats tend to have fur on their tails. This tail was long and pointed and pink to boot. Now, there is a woman about ten years my junior, trying to learn how to skate board. She is with her son. Fun stuff.

There is a perceived romance to living in the country, away from the noise of the city. Truth be told, I love having neighbours. I love seeing the children playing in the street, the young parents interacting with each other and their offspring, the dog walkers and the older individuals delivering the paper and walking for exercise.

My drum playing neighbour is getting better, with increasingly complicated riffs and longer segments. She practices a lot so I’m not surprised. BTW I don’t know if the drum player is male or female. I haven’t even determined where, exactly, the sound is coming from, other than my neighbourhood.


Dispelling Toxin

When I get stuck in an old memory, thinking of how things were while married I am humbled to admit I learned some damn good ways of defusing toxic emotions. On the other hand, an enormous amount of personal energy was dedicated to that task. Sometimes to the elimination of all other forms of communication. People were literally frightened to speak. IMG_7185

I just heard a woman, one of my neighbours, walk through her door and yell.”Hey it’s the weekend!” As she entered. I love having neighbours.

So, a stark contrast to what I was describing above. Even just stating it was the weekend could bring you under fire much less yelling! and for no reason!

So, I’m trying to figure out how to teach others that it is abnormal to constantly be on guard. Mistakes should be handled as something to solve together not a mess you made and better clean up.

People wanting to arrive at home and celebrate by yelling, “It’s the weekend!” should be normal and encouraged.



One of my neighbours has had the audacity to sear a steak on a BBQ near by. They are flagrantly showing off. It seems a little much. I wonder if I went over with a couple bottles of nice wine, if I could get a taste? Now that, would be off-script.IMG_6209

The male appetite. It allowed a huge variety of food to be in the house because it would all get eaten. I’ve learned to cook and freeze, so I can still eat great meals, but I haven’t been able to replace the beef.

When you are buying half a carcass, you can have absolute control over how it is treated. The “good” butcher shops have all made that synonymous with organic and humane practices, as defined by them.

Don’t even get me started on grocery stores. So, I have not been able to find good steaks. The Presidents choice filet mignon with bacon come close. I’ll have to get me some of those.



Unfortunately there are some neighbours being loud across the street. I’m assuming they were banished from the house because they were fighting and now I can hear echoes of their discontent. IMG_6891

This kind of discord is rare and I’ll put up with a little of this, because on the whole, my neighbourhood is the epitome of my idyllic view of life.

I love watching the puppies and children grow up; the boys that walk like their fathers; the clusters of multi-spectrum girls giggling, walking and entertaining each other with stories from their day.

Their parents came from disparate origins, but the children all play hockey together. This is us. A blending of peoples supporting, living and enjoying each other’s company.