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Wants and Desires

Just paused for a moment and realized how many competing wants and desires are jockeying for my intention. It feels as though they are fragments of me, each with its own set of wishes. What a bizzare thought.

The Vipassana teachings would say that I should give them all up. That is if my goal is enlightenment.

If this were true, or guaranteed, every monk and nun would be enlightened. If that means living that lifestyle, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I believe I chose to be here. If that is the case, I believe I would want to experience this reality, not spend it in the pursuit of remembering where I came from, at the cost of all other experiences. 

That said, as I realize more and more that the principals of coneiya enhance my experience of life, I don’t believe, at this point anyway, full enlightenment has that much to offer me. If the cost is ridding myself of all pleasures.

Blogging, Spirituality


I couldn’t get a clear photo, but there are three birds all sitting in that tree right beside my balcony. The third one is closer to the rail.

Nature has a way of reminding us of how integral we are with the world. Simply going outside and noticing the trees, birds, wind and sunshine is a reminder of our small place in the universe. Coneiya, the understand that we are all connected with everyone and everything else, is best understood outside.

Nature reminds you that you are but a part of a symphony of voices. Not all of them human. We are all one. Simple fact. We breath the same air. A red bird, in a distant tree, with a great song reminds me of that.

That is only one way nature helps you get in touch with yourself. Activity such as walking through nature ads the dimension of using your mind and muscles in natural ways. Even a short walk can do wonders for how you feel.

We are one with the energy around us. Many of us have forgotten how to hear it. We become acclimatized to even a bad odour. You may forget about it until you go outside for a while and return to remember how bad it smelled, then we forget again.

I am beginning to realize we have become acclimatized to the sensation of feeling the energy that is all around us all of the time. One of the ways I am getting in touch with this now is the vipassana meditation I am now doing. The focus of the meditation is on the body and you begin to realize how many sensations we have learned to ignore. I am now getting in touch with this and learning how to feel my own body.

Now that I know how to be equanimitous enough to perceive the energy without judgement, I’m finding I notice it when my mind is quiet.



I feel like a very thin layer of gauze has been removed from the surface of my life. There is a new smoother texture. My attempts to be authentic have opened a new appreciation. I have begun to revel in it. Superficially, it is all the same, I’m just enjoying it more. That is a good thing.IMG_6787

This whole new revelation is aligned with a sensation I perceive. It is not something that we describe often, so I don’t know how to word this. Coneiya (ko-NEY-yuh) is a knowing or perceiving that we are all interconnected. Our perception is limited to our knowledge of our world, but our existence goes beyond that.

We have chosen to experience this life. It is just one way to be part of the benevolent energy. Too heavy? As I become more and more of who I want to be, by dropping as many beliefs as possible about how that should look, I seem to connect with the force, if you will. Telling myself that I would write this blog, was a significant alignment with that energy and I can feel that I am increasingly in the flow.