Can you say Fabulous?

It is glorious outside. Canadians wait all winter for this weather.

yes, that is a shadow of me taking the photo 😎

A beach towel across the arms of my lounge chair was necessary to keep from burning my arms!

It is 90 degrees, I’m, apparently increasing my chances for skin cancer, but I find it hard to believe that anything that feels so glorious could actually be bad for you. That is not how we were designed.

Lounge chair, check. Pepsi on ice, check. Pool, Oprah magazine and me becoming one with the deck. This is what it is all about.

It’s days like to day that remind me that I’m reaping the benefit of all of those years of single parenting, going to university and fighting a divorce. I can indulge in total relaxation.



Dinner is not in the oven. I decided to go with a Bolognese sauce, I believe the original recipe came from an Oprah magazine, but I could be mistaken. I do remember the article describing the impact this sauce has on a home.

The most important part is that it must be simmered for hours. This fills the house with not only a pleasant humidity, think winter here, not turning up the air conditioner. The smell of good food, awaiting your arrival. Yes, it is that lovely. But none of that tonight. I freeze my recipe in sandwich bags, which turn out to the be the right size for one large serving.

Reheating the already simmered sauce does not fill the house the same way but it is still delicious. Add some rigatoni and asiago cheese and you have a hearty, belly filling indulgence that is worth dedicating several hours to making, then 15 minutes from “yes, let’s start dinner”, to “ooh, I should wait until that cools before eating it”.

As it warms up more and more neighbours appear out front. The new neighbours across the street are out way more often than the family that lived there before.

Another piece of gum. This is why I don’t leave the container out in plain site. I would get up and fall over a mountain of wrappers and more chewed gum than you would want a visual image of. But two is not bad.

See, that is what I was trying to explain earlier. I am here, gum loaded and nothing is coming. There is no control. I’m good with that. Instead of waiting, I recognize that I will get the inspiration to write about something and I’ll be back.



Now, where was I? yes, it was a fabulous day. I sat out back and read my Oprah magazine, had cigarettes and coffee and just enjoyed the birds and the wind and the sun. I opened the door off of my bedroom. It is so luxurious to have a full breeze up there. I had forgotten, it has been so long. Not so enjoyable when it is negative seven outside. Yes, I did just switch units.IMG_6763

You see celsius is better in the winter. Freezing is zero and the scale is quite easy to understand. Fahrenheit it is 32. That is not even an even number! But there is no equivalent to a 70 degree day. In celsius it is in between two whole numbers, it is a fraction. True story. So I switch back and forth but the context is clear. A 70 degree fahrenheit day is warm, a 70 celsius day would be armageddon.

On the deck. That is a great thing about this weather. Seemed like a shame to have to sit on a sunny day, with the thick blinds drawn as to ward off solicitations. Earlier, a girl came trying to sell “Grass Fed Beef”. I let her know that I preferred grain fed. True story.

The grain brings on the finished weight, which includes more fat, earlier, when the meat is more delicious. The older the meat gets, the tougher it gets. Better for soup!, but I digress. It is a Canadian point of honour to know which type of grain you prefer. I have seen the division between barely and corn fed beef. Like choosing sides in an epic battle.



Now, my exploration is to determine why I eat when I’m not hungry. So, that is now. I have an overwhelming desire to eat. I have promised myself that I will wait. Unfortunately, I know from past experience, once I have a full meal in the evening, I am unlikely to be hungry again until tomorrow morning.

This will force me to face head on my desire to eat. I am going to alternate writing and watching television. I associate television with eating, so that will be challenging on its own.

It’s loneliness. There is no question. That is not a new revelation for me, but I am just at the stage of being aware of it. Now, the hard part starts. Not eating, feeling this emotion. Mmmmhhhh.IMG_6711

Seriously looking for a distraction. I went out back for a few minutes. It is beautiful out there. I started to think about how I should decorate. I actually had what might have been a small growl. I’m going to wait ten minutes or so and see if I have another one. At that point, I’ll re-evaluate. Definitely a rumble. I’m going to have some wine and cheese.

My computer screamed at me. I just dashed in to get the latest copy of my Oprah Magazine. There is no way I’m choosing electronic delivery. It is the experience of having the smooth pages, tearing out a perfume sample, or recipe. The corner turned.

Just that whole linear thing. I miss that. I knew I was starting at the beginning, seeing everything and finishing. With multiple links and other pages opening, I always feel like there is more, just out of reach. There is no sense of satisfaction, but I digress.