My Nails are Back

This is a historical picture. This colour suited my deck and being outside for sure!

It has been astonishingly obvious why I wanted nice nails. I’m always looking at my hands because most of what I do involves them. Why not have stunning nails that make you feel you are creating a nice view for yourself? Like gardening in some ways.

I haven’t decided on a colour yet. I wanted a cheap blue for the ball game this weekend. Mother’s Day and all, and we are going to see the Blue Jays live. I couldn’t find any that was both the right colour and inexpensive. It is not a blue I would wear normally.

A decision still to be made on colour. I wouldn’t want to be the colour of the other team either! I’ll have to find out who they’re playing.

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One of my favourite meals. Lasagna and Ceasar Salad. I make the lasagnas up 16 at a time, so it is a staple around here.

About five days ago I turned a corner on my eating. I’ve read similar words before and I hope these turn out to be true for me this time. Suddenly I am not overeating. I just started to trust myself.

I first had to dismantle all of the rules I’ve told myself about what I should and should not be eating. Instead of listening to my body I was making the translation through the word understanding.

What I mean by that are thoughts like, “I ate 200 calories, I can have more.” “I didn’t eat lunch I can eat now.” “I shouldn’t have that.” “I should have this.” Among others… I stopped interpreting my hunger and desire for food through this lens.

I just noticed when I was doing it. As I am writing, I do remember one time I overate….But it seems to have vanished. For the most part I am just losing interest when I am sated

I have tried to dismantle the belief that every thing is good or bad for you. It took a  huge amount of overeating a wide variety of forbidden foods before I trusted myself. My “social self” who learned all of the rules about eating from reading the opinions and “scientific facts” that are common in our media. We’ve been taught if we are fat we should follow strict rules of starvation. Little too heavy for a Friday evening.



The teaching about Dāna, as far as vipassana is concerned, is that you practice what you have learned for a while. Once you determine what the benefit is to you, you decide what you should contribute to the vipassana organization. There is no requirement to donate anything.

The first time we were allowed to speak, at the end of the Nobel silence, they were set up to take payment. There were a lot of “old students”, which means people who have already taken the ten day course previously. They would find it easier to know what an appropriate donation was for themselves.

I was thinking about looking up my budget, to solidify what I plan to give. An impressive amount, no doubt. Truth is, I’m finding what I have learned has improved my life already, a mere seven weeks later.

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I just sent out the dates for my two new courses, for those individuals who requested advance notice. I immediately felt, well, insecure.

I just dealt with a pocket of insecurity from my childhood and this time I am acknowledging it and feeling the energy surfing through my body.

There is an actual vibration in my upper abdomen. I think I’ll sit with it for a moment and just let my body protest. Out of my comfort zone? You bet!

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if anyone is interested enough to sign up!

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I wanted to share a video that illustrates how I see our best future. What she shows is how the majority of us can impact the world around us. I interpret our contribution as sharing positivity and giving in ways that help each other.

*Full disclosure, I am a Martha Beck certified coach and this 9 minute video is Martha Beck.


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Trying to Avoid Aversion

My title is clearly a contradiction, just saying…

My roommate just told me another story about how awful it is at work. I can’t argue, but I am thinking about it less. They say you become more like the people you spend time with. I hate to believe I am seeing the world through upset and indignation.

My focus more and more is on how I can actually have an impact on my world. Like the patent I put in. Why tangle our brains with the latest fear or divisiveness? Why wallow in upset, indignation and self-righteousness?

If we direct our attention to what we can impact, our own lives, we can use our talents to make the lives of others better. This does not need to be grandiose. If you are friendly, be friendly to everyone, for instance.

So yeah, the drama at work was someone used the microwave to cook food. Apparently, people did not like the smell. Sounds racist to me. I just don’t want to be living in the space of judgement, hate and fear anymore.


Roller coaster 

Despite the roller coaster of emotions I seem to be on, often crying during my meditation, my life feels like it is getting better.

My productivity has increased. I am getting lots of exercise, part of that is my iWatch, I’m sure, and in general I seem to be taking better care of myself all around.

My current plan is to continue to meditate daily and hopefully, things will smooth out.