Small Synchronicity

Spoiler alert. If you plan to watch Sherlock, this gives away some plot and some humour.

In Sherlock, one of the minor plot lines is that he has recently quit smoking, but he still needs the nicotine to focus. The Chinese government recognized this aspect and encouraged smoking to its work force. Sherlock has three large round nicotine patches on his arm and he’s applying pressure to them, likely try to maximize the absorption of the nicotine.IMG_6684

He has asked all of the vendors within a two mile walking radius, to no longer sell him cigarettes. So the option of buying them has been eliminated. In one scene he becomes so desperate he lets a client smoke and then gets close enough to inhale his exhale. It looks quite absurd, but his personality is consistently over the top.

Small synchronicity. I was cleaning up my email and I tried to save an email regarding the ISBN of my new book. The computer was slow. I chose the email and clicked on “save as” and nothing happened. I decided to try to exercise some patience after about the third attempt and decided to re-read the email that was essentially a receipt for my ISBN number, except that they are free in Canada.

Anyway, while reading the email in detail, I found out that I have a legal obligation to submit copies of my work to the national archives. This practice dates back to the 1500s in France where they recognized the importance of having all of the books in one place. This has now been expanded into other mediums, but the synchronicity is not lost.

If my computer had been co-operating, I would’ve filed the email, deleted it and never read it. I am recognizing that if things don’t go swimmingly, I should stop and pay attention, I am supposed to realize something or I’m on the wrong path.



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