I miss my nails

One of the travails that I’ve been through is applying stone to a wall, up beside my staircase. Needless to say, it is not the sort of thing you can do with fake nails on.

The wall was symbolic somehow of where I am in my life. I knew I would be bored all winter, with the pool closed and I felt I needed a decorating process.

Every wall, that’s been painted, in this entire five bedroom house has been painted by me. Now, I admit I hired a guy to do the deck one year. But other than that…

As my girls were launched I found most of that work was already done. The one bathroom is a wreck, but it’s not convenient to do it now.

So I wanted something major. This wall can been seen from almost every room on the main floor. It is the main upstairs wall. The other side of the hallway is open to the kitchen. I got a visual idea and started to see if I could find the right products. From that point on, I never knew for sure when I would want to get started, so I couldn’t get my nails done. There were awful at Christmas.

And yes. The project turned out to be way more work and therefore took way more time to complete. I still have finishing touches and the walls to repair.

But, I miss my nails. I think I can get the rest of the stone up even with fake nails. I may have to work right before a manicure. But I won’t be lifting 10 lb chunks of stone. Or not much more anyway.
So I’m going to get my nails done.


Balcony Sitting

Just chilling on my balcony, as I do, at the front of my house. Mint house coat, plaid nightie and perfect dark purple nails.

Vaping may simply miss the point and who knows how dangerous it is, yet?

Vaping may simply miss the point and who knows how dangerous it is, yet?

I took my dress right into the nail place. I know I don’t remember in colour and certainly not in enough detail to match a nail polish. Anyone there began to wonder what was going on. I was so worried that I’d forget the her, that I kept taking her out so Max could look after her. The dress that is, into my car.

But I picked out polish and I’d wanted a gel. Kim took care of it and found a matching gel, but not before I picked a pink that matched from all those plastic nails. I felt a little panic.IMG_7210 I had gone into the salon early to give me time to pick a colour and then I picked it from the wrong selection. So, I knew the pink would work and just went with it.

But I digress, just chilling as I do, having a smoke and enjoying the activity in my neighbourhood. The nails look great with my phone as well. But alas, no way to take a photo.

Ran into Station, I think I’ll call him that. He was eager. I told him my daughter’s wedding was tomorrow. In actuality, just the out of town stuff starts tomorrow.



I did discover that I couldn’t put nail polish on in direct sunlight, but let’s flip that over. On a hot sunny day, I could apply it inside and then expose it to the sun.

In one minute it would be hard as nails and I wouldn’t have to worry about smudging it. So now for the hard part. Who’s kidding whom? I’ve gotta go with silver. It is light and bright for summer, looks great next to the railing of my deck and suits my mood.

I fell in love with this when  Christine Baranski, as Diane Lockhart, from the Good Wife started wearing it. She has such great style. A woman’s woman for sure!

We all love a powerful, intelligent woman that finds an equal, opposite boy toy. I hope that pair becomes a spin off drama just so we can indulge in the fantasy of a love that transcends politics, beliefs and appearances.



As I mentioned, I’m trying the free Hootsuite Pro Program for 90 days. One of the things it has suggested I do is be on Pinterest. Not directly, but by identifying an audience. The main users of Pinterest are women. Last time I checked…IMG_6793

After a day or two, a realization cropped up. Many of my posts are centred around photographs already and it would be a new experience posting to that sort of site. So I’ll probably get around to doing that in the next little while. I’ll let you know.

I learned something new about nail polish the other day. It is best not to try to apply it in direct sun. It wasn’t even that hot, a 70 degree day, but the sun dried it so fast it was difficult to get on evenly. The manicure is OK. Good enough for sitting at home writing at the very least. I do enjoy seeing a splash of pink when I look at my hands.



I can see the new flowers from where I’m sitting, right now, at my desk. There is a splash of red, pink, peach and yellow. They are all bright. The assortment doesn’t “match” in a way I like the colours to accent each other, but I bought every colour they had so I didn’t have to leave one there.

IMGP7390I need some work done out front and I pay for it about every three years. Annually would be like getting my nails done every two weeks. Who has the time? Anywhen, I am getting the yard done. I didn’t go back to the original company because I’m too embarrassed that I let it go this far. Even though the owner is a cutie.

Speaking of nails, I gotta get that done. I’m not sure when. They are about the right length now, so they’ll be perfect for a couple of weeks. They last longer than that, but they usually don’t hold up to nail polish then. That’s what we need, a nail polish that acts as “fill” to extend our gel manicures.

So, I was examining what part of me cried when I thought about losing my fat. Then, I thought about Russell and it occurred to me that how I see him as a fat man reflects on my biases towards fat people and that must include me. Hypocrisy. Not a characteristic you want to find in yourself, but there it is.

I’m trying to reread this to catch my train of thought and Sophie is barking again. My god. I’ve had enough of this. She woke me from my nap, twice, as well. I look forward to my naps.



The man I was talking to on the Camino was trying to decide whether it was worth the wait, or whether he would continue the walk. He stayed and I did not. He told me that he was not going to stay. He changed his mind after I walked on. He did catch up with me later, because I stopped by a very old bridge to regroup and take some photographs. We walked together all day, which included him picking me berries that he knew were edible and me finding an Albergue with a pool.IMG_0059

Again, I’m only capturing this anecdote because it flashed into my mind earlier. I’ll have to reread it all and see if there is a connection, but for now, I’m going to have another kiss and then a smoke.

One of my teachers is Martha Beck. She recommends changing something in your surroundings as a way to move through things you want in your life. Cleaning up and removing junk from your life, is the most popular example of this. I just realized the symbolism of my new treadmill. I mentioned earlier that it had to go into a new place because where the other one was was too small.

Now I realize that I’ve opened up the “guest” side of the bed. Before the new treadmill, anyone that wanted to get into the bed from the opposite side that I get in would have to climb over the treadmill. When they arrived, there was no bedside table or lamp because there simply wasn’t room for one.

Now that space is open and I think I was to get bedside tables and perhaps a vanity for that space. Doing my nails and makeup would be nicer if I had a place to sit and do them. Funny how that happened as I was thinking about the possibility of a lover.