Elizabeth Gilbert, A Woman’s Woman

I’m currently reading Liz’s book, “Big Magic” and it speaks to me. She says if you have a desire to create, you should. Perhaps a little oversimplified, but it recognizes a fact. If being authentic to yourself means making creativity a priority, it will show up in other ways if you don’t

From multiple perspectives she explains how to make room for creativity in your life. Practical, tried and true, real life experience making it as a creative, long before being one ever had to pay the bills. 

She wrote the modern romance novel by living it first hand. I believe she touched what we’re all looking for, that ability to see clearly enough to follow our hearts. 


A Woman’s Woman

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I PVR’d all of the Late Shows and I’m determined to watch them all. I had gotten over 100 behind and I was tearing through them while keeping up on the current ones. So I missed the episode when the swim suit addition of Sports Illustrated was featured.

It was fantastic to see a real Woman’s Women on one of the covers. Ashley Graham is one of the models. She is a plus size model and is absolutely gorgeous.

I could feel myself wanting to mimic her movements. She was really working it and all the time being absolutely gorgeous doing it. I cried a little. She was making fat beautiful and having the confidence to flirt and move salaciously.

She gets my vote. If you have it, flaunt it. Why not?


Jane Fonda

Like a tidal wave hitting my world, Jane is back. I added the link to her website, but it comes up with a strange page asking me to prove Jane FondaI’m not a robot. Unlikely. I don’t understand or appreciate why people have these blocks on their pages and their twitter accounts to screen out views and followers.

I guess it doesn’t matter. I usually link to the celebrity sites when I talk about someone. They are well organized sites and the information is just there if you click.

Anywho, Jane is starring on “Grace and Frankie” and she has always been out there. From heralding an era of aerobics, marrying a millionaire and being a truly classy lady. A woman’s woman who is enjoying her life and engaging fully. Her message on Colbert was, that she is more relaxed in her seventies than when she was young. Love that.


Susan Hyatt

I just got off a webinar with the Fantastic Susan Hyatt, one of my favourite Woman’s Woman. She is planning trips all over the world for her elite coaching sessions. Villas, castles, that sort of thing.

She is a common sense, wisdom kinda gal and I love her. There’s not a lot of people I’d want to meet for the first time, after swimming, while still in the pool, but she’s always been welcoming and gracious.

Picture Max, on the highway in Michigan. Who knows what speed I’m going? My dashboard is in kilometres. People are passing me, so even if I’m speeding, they likely know this road and the likelihood of radar. But I digress, 70 degrees, roof down, right into the heart of Chicago, for a dinner with Susan. She hosts these dinners that include coaching and it all comes together so well.

Today, Susan was talking to women business owners, and in general, any woman that is out there making their way in our world. She covered too many topics to mention, but one that spoke to me was the importance of self-care.

To those of you that follow my blog, you already know this, so I apologize. But, I have been struggling to find that balance myself. What level of exercise energizes me and doesn’t drain me? How do I learn the signals from my body about eating? These are things that I have spoken about. She goes into detail in how to develop a plan for yourself.

Anywho, she has another seminar tomorrow, live.




I did discover that I couldn’t put nail polish on in direct sunlight, but let’s flip that over. On a hot sunny day, I could apply it inside and then expose it to the sun.

In one minute it would be hard as nails and I wouldn’t have to worry about smudging it. So now for the hard part. Who’s kidding whom? I’ve gotta go with silver. It is light and bright for summer, looks great next to the railing of my deck and suits my mood.

I fell in love with this when  Christine Baranski, as Diane Lockhart, from the Good Wife started wearing it. She has such great style. A woman’s woman for sure!

We all love a powerful, intelligent woman that finds an equal, opposite boy toy. I hope that pair becomes a spin off drama just so we can indulge in the fantasy of a love that transcends politics, beliefs and appearances.


A Woman’s Woman is Published

I have touched the reality beyond the curtain a couple of times since and writing, frankly, in my own words seems to bring with it a sense of being on track. Of taking the right turn, or left one, if it had been correct. But whatever. Writing about it is how I’ll come to understand why I feel so good when I write.

IMG_6653I have to note that the writing of this piece overlaps temporally with the publication of “A Woman’s Woman” and I’m receiving blings every time someone starts to follow me or “likes” the piece. Thanks for the support. It ‘buoyancies’ me. I know that’s not a word.

Also, thanks for the synchronicity. It is lovely to authentically write while something is happening and receiving so much positive feed back.

Well, my stomach is past gurgling. It went straight through to a growl, gurgle combination. I have a delicious meal of rice, Greek Salad and Spanakopita. I whipped that up for dinner easily because all of the pieces had been created earlier. Bon Appetite.

I’m watching “Sleeping With Other People”. It affirms (Lilly is meowing, surprisingly)54

The 54 was Lilly’s contribution to the composition. I begin, again. It affirms one of my strongly held beliefs. I can’t give away what that is because it would be a spoiler. There is also a cute, or I guess not so cute, phrase, “Sexual Anorexic”. A phrase I had never heard before but, unfortunately, could be at the core of my overeating bit.


A Woman’s Woman

So I watched a bit of Episodes, which is streaming on Netflix. One of my favourites.

The drapes being closed puts a whole different look in the room. There is a large bay window, so there is plenty of sunlight. The drapes cover that so the effect is dramatic. In that theme they are my favourite burgundy with gold and green splashed on them in the shape of flowers.

So, Saturday afternoon, several things off of my to do list, nice meal and now I am going to watch a movie. I got two from the library.

I’m watching the movie I got at the library and it is a bunch of bad guys and good guys and computer shit. I must explain that I don’t read what a movie is about because it gives too much away for me. I’ve never recovered from knowing ET lives, so sue me.

Anyhow, bad guy stuff and then the movie announces that a woman will explain what is going on. Then they zoom in on my dream life. Gorgeous make-up, upswept hair, just in my colour. Large, marble bathtub filled with bubbles. A woman’s woman. Topped off every so nicely when someone, named Benjamin, refills her champagne. I hung on every word she said.

She had those drawn in eyebrows. Not the fine line from my generation, a thick caterpillar type of brow that is mainly created by drawing the shape on with and eyebrow pencil. Now it is not as hideous as I’m making it sound. These are nice looking brows, I just had to refuse when my daughter said she would draw them on me. It is just not my style, thanx.