Restaurant Critic

I’ve seen movies about high-end restaurants being reviewed by influential people and the fuss and the fury that results. However, most of us don’t eat at Michelin reviewed restaurants, at least not every day.

While traveling I made the decision to leave my jewelry at home, remove my gel nails and forgo makeup. This decision was made because I wanted to stay in hostels and hike. Hostels explain the jewelry. If you have no place to secure your things it is not wise to take anything valuable

Hiking and long nails just don’t work. You are too likely to tear one of them and that is just not ok. Make-up is extra weight in your pack and again is not consistent with hiking. I know there are now some high quality products that won’t come off while you sweat, but I still like to be able to wipe my face and it just isn’t worth it, for me.

All of this to say that I am, for the first time, experiencing what it is like to go into a restaurant with no obvious external indication that I have money. Also, in Italy, I don’t speak the language, so they are more likely to go on appearances.

To say my treatment has been atrocious might be an over statement, but it is a noticeable difference. It may not be what I described above at all. It may be any single female out alone in Italy, but I don’t know for sure.

What we need is a single female going into average restaurants and reviewing how they are treated, and of course the food. That review would serve more people more often.



I have five minutes only. I have pork chops in the frying pan and a timer set. Things have shifted for the better again. I feel my self energized and diving into my days, both literally and figuratively. I have started the free Hootsuite course about media marketing and I’ve already discovered it is possible to add WordPress now and it is possible to do an entire mass marketing campaign on one spreadsheet. That would save me hours.


I always put more food on my plate than I can or want to eat. It is my way of listening to how I feel rather than relying on serving size; hence two pork chops.

So, my yard is coming together, the weather is getting warmer, things have improved at work and I’m energized by my two new projects. Oh, and Sophie was replaced with a back scratcher, with the word, “Alaska” on the handle. Infinitely more useful and actually sleeps right beside the bed. Good trade.

Dinner tonight is Ontario Asparagus with an old cheddar cheese and parmesan sauce and seared pork chops. I hope I remember to photograph it before I start eating! Beeep, literally, right then.

I had my dinner. I didn’t eat the full plate full. The first part of me handing my hunger over to my body, instead of my brain, was to learn when I was full. It was difficult. I specifically witnessed the fact that when stressed, I never got a full signal. That has not happened for a very long time.


$3.00 Chicken

My little chicken is coming along quite nicely, thank-you very much. The deep fryer is on the deck, heating up and the mushrooms are being warmed. I just need to get them to the butter melting temperature so enhance their flavour. The potatoes are still in water. I’ll bring the basket in on a plate and transfer them into the basket to let them drain before taking them out to the deep fryer.


Obviously enough for four meals, but I wanted to show how big the chicken is.

Ok, so I’m a little focused on food right now. I have a great meal, almost ready and my stomach’s been growling, so there is no reason to wait any longer, except its not done. Perhaps, I’ll have a smoke in anticipation of the meal. Sounds elegant.

I have five minutes. The timer is set. I’m blanching the fries. It is all about the “doneness”, when you get to that ideal colour on the outside, you want to have it cooked through perfectly. The only way to achieve it is to fry them for five minutes and let them rest out of the deep frier until about 10 minutes before you want to serve the meal. Then the oil is hot and you can plop them back in. Hot, for when the chicken is ready. The mushrooms can be kept at that temperature for a very long time. The more moisture they lose, the higher the overall fat concentration and that can be nice until they burn.

In all of this, I want to express my gratitude to the universe for bringing Sophie into my life, just when I needed her. She saved me from getting another dog and she was just in the brink of time.

My pools back. I finally got it cleaned and warm. it has been open, and I’ve been swimming, but it is warm and clean now. Much more luxurious. I can’t wait for my pool to open and to me the extra thrill of that first swim negates the fact that the water is 70 degrees and it is not clear.



I wanted to simply be able to reduce the light that shone on me at night. I guess light is my theme for this evening. I hate all of those stupid lights that are now on the fronts of all of the electronic equipment. Problem is, if you cover them up it greatly reduces the efficiency of your remote. Believe me, I’ve tried this already.

So the entire stand can be turned, lights and all, to face directly away from my bed directly reducing how much they light up the room.


T.V. facing the wall. Don’t those wires look nice?

Which meant, I would be looking at it from every angle. No sense designing something to be turned around and at the back there is a tangle of wires.

I couldn’t pass up a $3.00 chicken, so I have one on the barbecue, and I must admit I bought fresh thyme. It was $1.79 on sale for 50% off, add in another 90 cents. I’ll dry the leftover thyme and add it to the jar, so the entire 90 cents won’t go to waste. I also bought a half priced sliced pound of white mushrooms. Essentially, it is all ready to eat once that tiny little chicken is cooked. Last I looked it was starting to brown, but no where near done.

I’ll be back in a few minutes.