Sunday morning after my daughter’s wedding. The weekend has been a huge success. I’m tired, have a slight headache, got less than five hours of sleep and I’m waiting. I’m waiting for others to get up. It is a peculiar thing waking so early despite the time I go to bed.IMG_7347

Weddings have a way of freezing a moment of time in your memory. For a couple of days, friends and family come together to celebrate love, a new beginning and hope.

The endless possibilities now stretch before this young couple. Launched into a new life by loved ones. I hope people come down to start the breakfast soon.


It’s Life

I was having a conversation with my daughter, as mothers do, and I asked her about her experiences of flow. IMG_7241

My life, I explained, was built under the assumption that there was a path to stability all laid out. Allegedly, the stability brought on happiness, because you have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this has meant unrealized potential, lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. I found myself lost for a while. But as align myself with flow, I can see that I could change my circumstance by starting a new career.

I’m, of course, in the midst of that, but I’m trying to understand how to explain it. She said, “It’s life”. She has come to expect that her life will be easy and by tuning into her intuition, it has, for the most part.

So this first part here is to start paying attention to the sensations in your body. It might require you to sit still and just focus on feedback you are receiving. Noticing these changes as emotions come and go helps to recognize how you actually feel, which may not be the way you were taught to learn about things.

This is an important difference. We were taught what “success” was and it took me becoming an adult to realize that it is not necessarily the road to happiness. I have coached many, many, uber successful people who were anything BUT happy.

I teach them to tap into their intuition, seek guidance from their own knowing. It is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to situations and choices. In general, if you feel an opening and relaxation feeling that is a yes. Contraction is a no. It is that simple once you are paying attention.

It is a new way to steer the ship, but you’d be amazed at the results. I’ve eliminated a huge amount of bad energy from my life and it feels like my life is expanding.


A Woman’s Woman

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I PVR’d all of the Late Shows and I’m determined to watch them all. I had gotten over 100 behind and I was tearing through them while keeping up on the current ones. So I missed the episode when the swim suit addition of Sports Illustrated was featured.

It was fantastic to see a real Woman’s Women on one of the covers. Ashley Graham is one of the models. She is a plus size model and is absolutely gorgeous.

I could feel myself wanting to mimic her movements. She was really working it and all the time being absolutely gorgeous doing it. I cried a little. She was making fat beautiful and having the confidence to flirt and move salaciously.

She gets my vote. If you have it, flaunt it. Why not?


Balcony Sitting

Just chilling on my balcony, as I do, at the front of my house. Mint house coat, plaid nightie and perfect dark purple nails.

Vaping may simply miss the point and who knows how dangerous it is, yet?

Vaping may simply miss the point and who knows how dangerous it is, yet?

I took my dress right into the nail place. I know I don’t remember in colour and certainly not in enough detail to match a nail polish. Anyone there began to wonder what was going on. I was so worried that I’d forget the her, that I kept taking her out so Max could look after her. The dress that is, into my car.

But I picked out polish and I’d wanted a gel. Kim took care of it and found a matching gel, but not before I picked a pink that matched from all those plastic nails. I felt a little panic.IMG_7210 I had gone into the salon early to give me time to pick a colour and then I picked it from the wrong selection. So, I knew the pink would work and just went with it.

But I digress, just chilling as I do, having a smoke and enjoying the activity in my neighbourhood. The nails look great with my phone as well. But alas, no way to take a photo.

Ran into Station, I think I’ll call him that. He was eager. I told him my daughter’s wedding was tomorrow. In actuality, just the out of town stuff starts tomorrow.


The Organic Thing? Which way is that?

It is surprisingly confusing if you pay attention. Some people are trying to increase how natural or organic our lives are and some people are trying to make things less natural.

Hiroshima survivors who returned home, because invariably, they were happier with friends and family than they were when they were “safe,” have lifespans longer than those who stayed in the government created, “safe” places for them to live. It turns out that even when it comes to longevity, the simplest measure of life, the people were better off with the exposure to the radiation than their counterparts who gave up their homes and communities on the advice of the scientific community.

I think that why we chose to or chose not to do something should be highly individually determined. Currently we know the causes of death and how to lower the chances of any given disease, but we are missing the larger picture. We all die from something. It can’t be eliminated. So what they are selling is the fear from dying of each individual cause. Since death is still inevitable, what are we gaining from living in fear of it?

The richness and complexity, exactly what the anti-genetically modified group is arguing for, is being eliminated in other areas of our lives. The increase in vaping is an example of this. For those of you

unfamiliar with the term, vaping is our scientific community’s answer to the love of nicotine. Remove the cigarette and its negative connotation and give the people nicotine in a gas form that can be inhaled from a manufactured device. The opposite of going organic.

Unfortunately, what is not taken into consideration here is that some of the benefits, yes, I said benefits, of smoking have to do with the fact that you are physically smoking. In office buildings, smokers must get up from their desks and walk outside to have a smoke. Usually, there are other people there who also get up from their desks to go outside.

Vaping may simply miss the point and who knows how dangerous it is, yet?

Vaping may simply miss the point and who knows how dangerous it is, yet?

This requirement to get up and go outside provides an actual break to the worker, a small bit of exercise, some sunshine, fresh air and the most important, social interaction. Vaping has eliminated these benefits and kept the addiction. We are going “less organic” in this area.

After almost 40 years of paying attention to contradictory and sensationalized “scientific” evidence, I’m getting increasingly frustrated that we are allowing it to dictate laws and policy. The only two things that have survived during that time and seem to be consistently tied to longevity are exercise and social connection. The people who returned to live in Hiroshima have shown this in the face of radiation.

How did we improve the life of our nicotine addicted friends? I would suggest we did not. Don’t even get me started on how many ex-smokers are now on antidepressants. We know antidepressants aren’t risk free either.



Dispelling Toxin

When I get stuck in an old memory, thinking of how things were while married I am humbled to admit I learned some damn good ways of defusing toxic emotions. On the other hand, an enormous amount of personal energy was dedicated to that task. Sometimes to the elimination of all other forms of communication. People were literally frightened to speak. IMG_7185

I just heard a woman, one of my neighbours, walk through her door and yell.”Hey it’s the weekend!” As she entered. I love having neighbours.

So, a stark contrast to what I was describing above. Even just stating it was the weekend could bring you under fire much less yelling! and for no reason!

So, I’m trying to figure out how to teach others that it is abnormal to constantly be on guard. Mistakes should be handled as something to solve together not a mess you made and better clean up.

People wanting to arrive at home and celebrate by yelling, “It’s the weekend!” should be normal and encouraged.



I’m reminded of how the lens we see the world through, alters our perception of others’ values. I hope for an understanding world, where we are looking beyond the superficial differences. Unfortunately, if you haven’t noticed, try wearing a scarf, smoking a cigarette or taking a baby into a restaurant, plane, theatre… We’re becoming increasingly intolerant. We’ve decided as a society these behaviours are discouraged. But I digress.IMG_7070

There is a humanitarian cause bringing in animals, their country of origin considers these animals food. The animals were all in one place for a particular festival, like us with turkeys. The way this story has been spinning, and promoting donations is that the people involved are “saving” the animals.

There are countries that honour their cows. Should they come here and free ours?

These animals were going to be the basis of a meal, not just that, a celebration. How many small children will go without protein, or did we forget that part of the equation in the land of plenty? Our lens fails to recognize that even though we are overfed, there are children who are not. These “rescued” animals” were their dinner.

How about protecting our own animals? There is no health requirement to bringing these animals in. [redacted] Let’s just say that we need to look beyond our perception and realize that others may see things differently. If we cannot do that, we should make sure we protect ourselves and our pets at the very least.