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Court Case Filed in Canada

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

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We No Longer Consent

It is time to take a stand. It is clear this “pandemic” has nothing to do with a virus and has been created to change the very nature of our lives, for the benefit of a few. Dr. Anne McCloskey says it better:

Join the world in resisting this “lock down” March 20, 2021.

Covid 19

Risk vs Benefit of Mass Vaccination During a Pandemic

Before you dismiss this as just another Anti-Vaxxer speaking out about the vaccine take a look at the resume of this man. He has worked all over the world developing and overseeing vaccines. I’ll let the list speak for itself. The “Cole’s Notes” version, or “Cliff Notes” for the younger cohort is he is warning that mass vaccination (during a pandemic) will interfere with natural immunity and is creating highly infectious variants of COVID that will be way more dangerous.

Please listen to it in his own words.

Share as much as you can. This elite scientist is worried it may be too late to save us if we continue this mass vaccination program.

Where those who have taken the time to look at the actual science are now.
Covid 19

They’ve Tipped Their Hand

Interesting to see the debate about vaccines taking a turn, no one suspected, especially those who benefit most with keeping the slogan, “Safe and Effective” sacrosanct. Truth is, consideration of vaccinations has predominantly been centred on parents and flu.

There has been increasing pressure, or rather I’ve become aware of increasing pressure, for everyone to take the flu vaccine. Whether or not you get the flu, in any given year, is a crap shoot either way and different people have different preferences for whether or not they decide to take it. 

The other issue is children’s vaccines. Not unlike childcare, these concerns float into and then out of your life. It is a big deal when you are making the decision about this sort of thing and then most people, pretty much forget about the issue. 

I think back to how much I devoured pregnancy books. At least one of which was simply a medical encycopedia of facts, statistics and insights into what could go wrong, but I digress. Now, I seldom think about the exact size of a fetus at 11 weeks.

Until this current COVID thing, no one thought too much about vaccines. I would say, hearing someone was an anti-vaxxer would immediately make me reconsider my view of their scientific opinion. I found that particularly interesting when I realized that a lot of what one particular doctor was saying I knew to be true, but this one single fact made me question his competence. 

A lot has happened in the last year. For the first time millions of medical professionals have been asked their opinion about the current science. I know, with my background, people specifically asked me to explain the details from a scientific perspective. Making sure I could give an informed response was what got me into trouble. It was like getting that glance at a poker player’s hand, just for a moment, but enough to know what cards he held. 

When you start examining what is going on, it becomes very revealing. I, personally, was astonished to know that one of the people who stands to benefit the most from this injection, also donates a huge amount of money, giving him a controlling interest, in the WHO. For those of you who may not know, that is the World Health Organization. An institution that is supposed to represent and guide the world on all health issues. Let’s take a moment to dwell on the ‘ALL’ in that sentence. Their mandate extends beyond a single pathogen. They are also responsible for overall health, even though you wouldn’t know by the decisions they are making.

The organization that guides the world on how to approach health matters, such as whether or not to get a vaccine, has significant financial backing from people who benefit from the sale of vaccines. Wee bit of a conflict of interest there. Like the teachers owning stock in the drug used to treat ADHD and also having the power to pressure parents into getting it for their children. 

So, for the first time ever, a cohesive group of people are all asking about vaccines. The big media turning point, may very well be when Fauci did his great reveal that even after vaccination you would still have to wear your mask and social distance. He is another guy who benefits financially from trotting out the vaccine. 

Fauci is saying this is not actually a vaccination? One of the ways we’ve been guilted into getting vaccines is that we have been told vaccination stops the virus from spreading, effectively protecting other children. But this injection doesn’t stop the virus? Be comforted, the discomfort and possibly death (almost 1,000 in the US, at the time of this writing-wanted to add a link but the VAERS data is currently unavailable, surprise!) or lifetime injury from this shot has been shown to decrease the severity of symptoms if you happen to get COVID. I suspect, as with Chicken Pox, it might be better to get the disease. 

I was old enough to remember chicken pox. I felt like shit. I remember being told not to itch and the liberal application of calming lotion. The pox will leave scars, a thing I am reminded of quite frequently when I see one of them on my daughter’s face. But I digress, I got better on my own. There was no need for a vaccine. 

Now children are vaccinated for this disease. Chicken pox is included in the 72 vaccinations now recommended for children in the US. Which, would likely be fine, except for the fact that 54% of American children now have chronic disease. The vaccination companies were protected from liability from a law passed in 1986, saying they couldn’t be sued for vaccine injury. So, we avoided things like chicken pox but we’ve traded a week of sickness for a lifetime of poor health. That data, which is actively suppressed, is one of the things that is coming to light now that a critical mass is confronted with the question of whether or not to vaccinate at the same time. Oh, by the way, people who are completely unvaccinated have very low levels of chronic illness. 

SUBCHAPTER XIX—VACCINE                                                                                                             Part 1—National Vaccine Program                                                                                                     §300aa–11. Petitions for compensation                                                                                                        (a) General rule

(2)(A) No person may bring a civil action for damages in an amount greater than $1,000 or in an unspecified amount against a vaccine administrator or manufacturer in a State or Federal court for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, and no such court may award damages in an amount greater than $1,000 in a civil action for damages for such a vaccine-related injury or death, unless a petition has been filed, in accordance with section 300aa–16 of this title, for compensation under the Program for such injury or death and—

Now people are actually looking at ALL aspects of health and not just the avoidance of these vaccinable set of diseases and I have to say, I’ve crossed the rubicon. I am now an anti-vaxxer. Not that this injection is that, but they would have to hold me down and do it foreably. We don’t know what the shot is designed for, but this has nothing to do with a virus. As Fauci says, we will still have to wear masks and social distance, so what’s the point?

Covid 19

Modern Holocaust

Lately, I feel like I’ve woken up in an episode of the Twilight Zone. For those of you who have never seen the show; strange, science fiction scenarios are experienced and the people struggle to find their way out of the situation.

Most of the individuals I encounter in a day are totally beholden to the messaging of the government and the media. The level of fear is so high it is interfering with peoples’ ability to think critically. For months now, it has been apparent that whatever is going on, it is not about a virus.

Yes, there is a virus. A virus that has been a celebrity in almost every aspect of the media. How it is behaving? How many people have had it? All those positive tests and NOW, it is mutating. Yes, mutating. The fear had to be maintained, so it was necessary to add in another unknown. Will the mutated virus be more deadly?

But it has been known, since the summer, that this is not a particularly deadly virus. The pathogens in 2020 were even slightly less deadly than the pathogens in 2017 and 2018, if you consider the “average” rate of death of Canadians for those years.

Despite this fact, from the Canadian government website, people are being very obedient. Sure, you can point to the lack of “gas chambers” but did the average citizen know people were being gassed? Does the average citizen know how many people have died after having the jab that is supposed to be the cure for this virus? Why would you risk ANYTHING for a virus that is not that deadly?

Without the long-term studies on these new jabs, how will we know that they are safe? Millions of people could be vaccinated before the long-term effects are even realized. And even then, will they continue with the mantra, of “safe and effective” as though by repeating that it becomes true? In studies, done on Ferrets, for previous jabs of this type, once exposed to the natural virus, they all died. Could that be why we are told that even after receiving this shot, people are expected to continue social distancing and mask wearing?

Are they trying to distribute it to as many as possible before this potential side effect is seen?

Zombies, fully masked are reporting their neighbours for having social visits. How does that differ from reporting people who were hiding from the government in times past? Why have we given over our rights to fight this virus? Why do so many people believe, without questioning, what they are being told by the mainstream media?

This is how we will all be marched, perhaps not to gas chambers, but into a new world order devoid of basic human rights like socializing, smiling at others and the freedom to spend our time as we see fit?

What is it going to take for us to stop being obedient and start questioning whether or not we want to give our freedom to the world governments?

We need to snap out of this Twilight Zone episode and recognize that the same propaganda, control of the media and government overreach is being used, once again, for an unknown agenda. Stand up. Speak out. We are the many, but we have to wake up.

Covid 19

No Increase in Average Number of Deaths in Canada

Short note: If COVID-19 is causing so many deaths, why is there no increase in the average number of deaths in the first half of 2020?

Most provinces and territories have had no clear evidence of excess mortality because of the COVID-19 pandemic

(Stats Can)




Junish, 2020

So here I am again, at the same point I was back in April 22, 2016 . I started this blog, separate from my professional one, so I could explore my authentic voice. I did a series on realizing I had no choice what I was to write about. But, unfortunately, I never really discovered what I wanted to write.

I have a handful of books written, at least to the first draft, but even in the desolation of this spring, I don’t find I have any interest in finishing any of them. Writing has always been important to me. I have kept a diary since I printed badly. I would reread passages and learn things about myself. It is a practice I have continued to this day.

So, what could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said? Perhaps that’s not the point or we all would’ve stopped speaking millennia ago. And perhaps that’s not the point. I have a need to write this, regardless of whether or not it appeals to anyone. That’s a relief.

Disclaimer: You need to know up front, I think a lot of myself. If you are going to find that off-putting I’m probably not your read.

Truth is, I base that on fact. I have been lucky all of my life -knock on wood – A word checker just came up and it wanted me to read a blurb and then say OK, in the middle of blogging? I wonder if they think that’s a sales feature? I’m taking it off of my browser, but I digress.

Neglected as a child, I learned early that the universe was looking out for me. I’m not saying shit didn’t happen, or nothing went wrong, but that I was always OK, or about to be OK… The good part of this is that I learned early that you get what you need, to quote a songwriter. Lessons like, “money comes”, have opened the doors to, well, money.

So I do think I have things figured out. I am in that sweet spot where I have figured out how to align your life with the type of life you want. Again, I’m not saying nothing bad happens, I’ve just learned the levers you can pull to navigate your life.

Soon, in blogs to come, I’ll let you know why I think my life is so great and what I think I have learned, but for now I just wanted to let you know. I have just turned a corner in my life. I’m going to do my best to find my authentic voice. To pick topics that reasonate with me and to express who I am and what I want to say.

I made the transition from full-time mom to a life where I am the centre of my own universe. As Q said, in an episode of Star Trek, “The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It’s now time to see if you can dance.” It’s time to find my authentic voice. Wish me luck…




financially. I can do everything I dream of doing, but I’m not wealthy enough for anyone to care. I also do not have to spend my timemanaging it becomes a distraction. I have enjoyed exceptional health, I won the body lottery so it were.

But it is even more than that. I have a beautiful place to live. I take fantastic care of myself, which includes cooking delicious meals. A family I see frequently and lots to do and look forward to. Which means, the band is see tip, it is time to dance. I need to write in order to see what I want to write about. Topics will vary. I miss almost all of the news, so no updates.

Downsized from five bedrooms and three bathrooms to 364 sq ft. It is the PERFECT size for me. I know I want to write, I just need to figure out what.






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Gloves is all it takes

Well, social isolation has taken its toll. I am so bored, I’m back to blogging. I pride myself in being able to explain complex scientific stuff in normal words, but that is not the case today. This is easy shit. I’m a bit of a science nerd, so instead of following the headlines in the media, I’ve gone directly to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sharing this information with friends and family prompted me to recognize it might be useful for other people. Let me dive right in! Social distancing is for one reason only, a very important reason, we need to decrease the rate of people getting sick so that we have better health outcomes for those who do. So, get on board.

This corona virus is less like the flu virus than was initially feared. In short, the contagion through the air is less of a concern. If someone coughs, they are not as likely to spread the virus as someone spreading the flu virus. This is the basis for the 6 foot distancing that was recommended. Today, the WHO announced one metre was probably sufficient. I’m not telling you this so that you can safely get up into someone’s face. I just wanted to let you know that five feet, eleven inches is not the danger zone. It is still important to maintain the full six feet. At the very least because it is good manners. There are some pretty frightened people out there who want you as far away as possible.

This virus dries up too quickly to travel very far, except when experimentally shot out of a scientific gadget that produces a “worse case scenario” for the spreading of airborne diseases. Basically, infection requires the virus to get right up and personal with your mucous membranes. All of those wet surfaces on your body that support the transition from skin on the outside to wet organs on the inside. Think lips. Hence, the suggestion to stop touching your face.

The virus also likes to hang out on smooth surfaces like handles, door knobs and railings. It can linger on smooth surfaces for an unknown amount of time (at least unknown to me!). When your skin touches these surfaces, the virus has just boarded public transportation. The skin is a great place to hang out and the virus doesn’t seem to dry out significantly. So, the easiest thing to do is simply wear gloves. That way if you catch yourself picking your nose, you at least had to take your glove off first (I hope :-).

Also, it is possible for a healthy person to spread the virus and never show symptoms. So even if you never get sick yourself, you may be spreading the virus to other people. The act of wearing gloves means that your skin never infects a surface. I am wearing my light fall gloves. I suspect the virus would live longer on the gloves intended for food service or medical use-they are smoother.

One final note. Social distancing has illuminated two extremes. On one side, the household with many people, who now cannot go out. On the far opposite side of the spectrum are those who live alone and rely on their social outings for human contact. If you know any of them, I suggest you give them a call (do not send something in writing, I’m sure they already have lots to read). They might be feeling cabin fever so badly they could resort to blogging. We wouldn’t want that!





Not clearly related to this blog, but I did want to honour this visitor to my backyard who clearly saw the diving board as a great place to stand.

Setting an intention can be done proactively, or subconsciously. In this case, I must admit I did it proactively. I have mentioned that I was ‘moving into’ my new place which included finding shopping and services. I wrote a blog on find a new hairdresser, which I am happy to proclaim, I have done.

However, none of this is the point of this blog. I set out to find a doctor, dentist, eye doctor, masseuse and well all of the services I regularly use and I had no way of knowing it would include a service station for Max, my car. Knowing full well that I set this intention, I am humbled to admit that I sought out a new service station for my car.

This came to fruition this weekend when my car broke down for the first time — ever. I had to be towed to a dealership that could fix my car and it brought me here. I now, or rather I will by tomorrow, be in a relationship with a new place to take my car for routine maintenance and unexpected repairs.

In addition to that, I have been feeling money strain. This is not a common problem for me. I have experienced the phenomenon of “money comes”. Not giving free rein to those who quell their insecurities by buying more and more, my experience has been that over my lifetime, money comes.

By this I mean that if I let the universe work things out, without my interference, “I get what I need”. Long story short, I have started to be concerned with the flow of money and the universe always fights back by creating a situation where I am forced to spend money I wouldn’t have otherwise.

In combination, this resulted in my car breaking down. I will meet the new service personnel and I will spend money I hadn’t planned on. I get it. This is how things work. Sometimes I feel like I am still learning the rules. At the very least, I recognize them when they are applied to me.




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Karma not Revenge

This is a photo of a man made countertop. It is trying to give the impression that it is a naturally occurring pattern, but it is just pretending to be. Benign, yes. Real, no.

I joke that I want to make up T-shirts that say, “I believe in Karma, not Revenge”. A simple concept, but at the age of 56, I believe in it because I have seen it so often. What I have seen is that those who do anything, good or bad, malicious or benign, with the wrong intention, see consequences. This is not something that I have any control over, but I have witnessed those who do good, with good intentions, have things go their way. On the other hand, those who take action, whether judged good or bad, are reciprocated not based on their actions, but on their intent.

This is one of the “levers” I have written about that I believe help us manoeuvre through this life, I increasingly see as a type of game we are playing. We chose to be here. This is our opportunity to live a lifetime as a human on this planet. Similar to sitting down to play Monopoly, we decide to play before we know if the dice will fall in our favour. That said, if we chose to be here, there’s likely a set of rules. Being altruistic in our motives may very well be something that can shift the tides in our favour.

I blog. Yes, I’ve been accused in the past of stating the obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out. “Common Sense”, is only common once it has occurred to you. It is naive to believe everyone has the same knowledge and experience you do, so what has occurred to you has not necessarily occurred to someone else.

One of my favourite examples came from a co-worker. He was trying, unsuccessfully, to schedule a meeting in a boardroom. After scanning through the availability of all of the possible meeting rooms, he found a time when there was a large enough meeting room available. He scheduled it, sent out the invitations to dozens of individuals who would be joining the meeting either in person or remotely and after accomplishing this task, logged off of his computer for the weekend.

When his co-workers received their invites, all of them ‘declined’ and he couldn’t imagine why so many people would immediately say no to his proposed meeting time. A friend of his pointed out that he had planned the meeting for a national holiday — hence the free meeting room. It was ‘common sense’ that no one would want to plan to work on a holiday but it simply had not occurred to him that this particular day was a day off of work.

So, with as much humility as I can muster, I have to respond to all of the marketers and salespeople who have liked my blog, please check with your inner compass. Are you liking what I have written because it rings true to you or has touched you in some way, or are you “liking” my blog because you believe I will “like” you back for whatever that does? I know that the number of ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ has become a yardstick to measure success, but if you are not legitimately intrigued, or at least amused by my musings are you setting yourself up for negative Karma?

This is a question worth asking. In our polite society companies have sprung up from the knowledge that if you follow someone they are likely to follow you back. There are people who will, for a fee, follow dozens of sites (on many social sites), on your behalf, for a fee, because they know people will ‘follow’ back. These companies can guarantee a certain number of followers by following this socially recognized practice.

A dark blog for sure, but I do take the time to see who has liked my pages and those who may or may not be liking me because they are trying to sell their … whatever … are kinda driving me nuts. It is not important to me if you do or don’t like my ranting, but I do ask, only like me if your motives are pure. Karma will know, even if I don’t.

Sorry for stating the obvious, but I can’t assume everyone has the same knowledge and experience as I do. Common sense is only common once it has occurred to you. Thanks for reading to the end. 🙂