Fruit Fly

New Gum! New Gum! I grabbed two pieces at the same time. I’m so extravagant sometimes. Now the sugar is overwhelming my mouth. Another reason I prefer ABC, but that’s another blog. It is tasty, but so sugary. I guess that’s the point.IMG_6881

Anyway, another gorgeous day, so I know I won’t be writing too much. Oh, who’s kidding, whom? If it was awful outside, I’d be busy in here, cooking, binge watching and various domestic chores.

Truth is, I don’t control how much I write. I either…there is a black fly flying around my face. I guess I should look that up.

Linsdomain: “Fruit flies symbolize an ability to survive even in the hardest of environments. Their capacity to make use of their resources, even what is seemingly invaluable or even trash, make them a good symbol for perseverance.

As a guide, they can show us how to make the most of what is accessible to us, to be frugal and use what we have sparingly in order to survive.

They are also quite mobile and fast, able to fly from one spot to another. This shows us how we too must be able to adapt and move from one environment to another, looking for what we need.

They also reflect an ability to see things differently and in many ways. Their eyes are suited to see and sense more than what is ordinarily possible. Fruit flies guide one through the transformations needed in life.

Just as the fruit fly emerges from an egg and its different stages in life, so too do we transform from one stage of our lives into another. They can be seen as reflections of the transformations we ourselves are going through.”

Wow, that’s a lot. I did like the tie in between me taking out the second piece of gum and “to be frugal “. I always try to capture random events like that, if I am writing at the time. Perish the thought of having to record and look up every encounter with a bug all day. Being right around my head as well, I’m not just noticing that there are bugs.


Not Sadie, Sophie

Funny thing. I tried a new restaurant in town called Sadies, where the old Golden Griddle used to be. My friend has a dog named Sadie and we have been talking about her because she recently had a visit to the vet. So I’ve been calling


Sophie overlooking the neighbourhood from my balcony.

Sophie, Sadie, for days. I hope she recognizes her real name when her owner gets back. That was short lived, it feels. I wrote and then I found myself just sitting looking out at Sophie, looking out at the front yard, in the spot that Lilly likes to sit when I’m in here and when I’m not. I do believe she considers this her room.

Started watching Grace and Frankie, or the other way around. The first episode started with love and during a particularly tragic scene my PVR came up and warned me that it was full and things would be deleted. I immediately deleted a bunch of things, but I have no way of knowing if it is enough or not.

It is 72 degrees in the house. If you need the units beside that, you’re using the wrong units. I may break out a new piece of gum. It could become the weekend tradition. One piece per week isn’t going to break the bank or rot my teeth, the real ones anyway.

After chewing the same piece all week, that should be sufficient. Sophie is now whimpering in the hall. She wants to go for a walk and I have no way of providing one for her. We have had a walk this morning all ready so I feel confident I can stand firm. On the other hand, if she is not willing to take no for an answer I’ll put her in her crate and shut the door if necessary. I hope it won’t come to that. She’s barking now as if on cue. I’m going to put her to bed, I’ll be back.


ABC Already Been Chewed

I do like to chew flavourless gum. It is not something I know where to buy, so I buy gum made with real gum and regular sugar. To the disgust of many of my acquaintances, I have a dish that I put the ABC into so that I can reuse it. I know from experience that if I chew fresh gum, I more often IMG_6643than not just keep opening fresh pieces to get the sugar again. Not my idea of ideal. Anyhoo, it is satisfying my urge to chew. Chewing for its own sake. I get it.

Dress fitting tomorrow. My daughter is getting married, and as I’ve mentioned there are too many daughters to keep track of so lets just call them all daughters. You know what I mean. Otherwise, I’d have to keep reminding every one who was whom, yuck.

Anywho, I’m going to have a smoke. Yes, I smoke. I am not a closet smoker, too hard on the clothes. But I rarely smoke anywhere other than at home, so most people don’t know I smoke or likely ever bothered to think about it.

I didn’t start until I was an adult. I figured anything that controversial must be enjoyable. It is. My prediction is that smoking is going to become the next butter. We spent years suffering through margarines instead of enjoying real food, only to find out, shocker! the real food is better for you.