Patio Doors

A minor sub-plot in my writing as of late has been patio doors. I was buying them to replace older doors. Terrible Oliver was at my home to give me an estimate, the day I went to see Prince, I mentioned him in my first post.

I stood to the side of one of my new patio doors looking out and realized I had recreated something I saw when I was young.

House shopping was something I did with my parents. I would’ve been 8 at the time. We viewed several homes and the process thrilled me to no end.

I distinctly remember telling my friends about how beautiful they were. I remember standing beside a patio door. It was the first one that I had ever seen. You could look out into the backyard and see the sun on the grass.

I wanted that beauty in my life. I’ve tried to have it in as many places as I could. Now, it’s here in this home and it is gorgeous. On to window treatments.



Enough already! I already said that I wanted to stop writing about bugs and now there have been three encounters with chipmunks! I had to wait before parking at work for one to leave the spot I wanted to park in. Then, after work, one ran across the driveway, forcing me to slow down. Now, just now, likely actually a minute or two ago I saw one run off of the deck of the pool.

I just had a burst of ideas and then the reminder that not writing about bugs anymore was heard and the response was, how about this?CHIPMUNK Linsdomain

“Work and Play

When Chipmunk appears in our lives,
it is important to keep new projects protected and out of sight during the first 6-week period.
A Chipmunk has a very complex burrow that offers protection for their young (new projects) with several exits and storage chambers. Chipmunk also shows you how to store for a rainy day, protecting you for any future problems.
This totem can teach you how to read the voices of others. To know truth and lies in their voices. Trust what you hear in their voice rather than their actual words.”

That one resonates. I have not told anyone that I know that I have started this blog. I began this blog April 21, the day Prince died. Six weeks is right about now.

Now, Gotta go have my espresso and a smoke. I just decided that I might go Netflix style and let people binge read by posting everything all at once. I’ve been struggling for a when and how to time the posts. Truth is, I write on days off, which usually includes Friday night as well, but not always. Then I calculate when I’m next writing and time the posting appropriately.


Spontaneous Redirection

It is not late at all. 9:19:19, as a matter of fact. But, I know myself very well and if I stay up when I’m tired I’m either going to overeat or over drink. So, to bed it is. BTW, that time is an 11. 🙂




Needless to say, I don’t need to go to the market this morning, or I wouldn’t be writing. I get lost in writing and then it would be a rush out the door. I know that I need to go every other week. I make salads up in bulk and plan exactly what I’m going to cook. That way everything gets used up right away.

I hate vegetables staring at me when I open the refrigerator. Some can be really bitchy. I let celery hang out because it lasts forever in water and the soup tastes better if the water is saturated with celery essence. But I digress. I plan to sit and try to figure out this Walker thing. Or really, let me explain what I’ve put together so far.

Before I started this blog, the impetus for it, was one evening, on the way home from work, I was sitting two intersections from my home when I decided to turn right instead and go to the Humane Society. There was a perfect little dog there, Prince. I mentioned him in my first blog, after Prince died. That little storyline brought me to my computer and put me in touch with my need to write from the heart.