I Thought I’d Better Write

It almost feels selfish, which is strange. But truth is, writing is good for business, literally in the moment

I already spoke about writing increasing book sales. Yesterday I sat down in the morning. I had so much food left over from the family visit there was no need to go to the market. No market, no coffee shop. No way of knowing if anyone would be there anyhow. 

So I wrote instead. I actually don’t know how long I wrote for. After a large chunk of time I received an email saying my stats were booming. Immediate feedback. I am grateful for it. It reminds me of the importance of making time for creativity. 

Of course, I also sold books. 



One of the tenets of coaching is that whatever brings you joy and satisfaction, should be brought into your life.

As parents we sometimes forget that our love of activities is one of the things we have in common with our children.  One dance, the five of us joined in, Jimmy Buffet, I believe, was a cherished memory for years. 

Truth is I just had enough strength to support all of the bodies hanging on me during that dance and from then on they were all going to be heavier (children have been known to grow!), so I knew I couldn’t do it again. But I digress. 

When we start to connect to the flow of who we are and what we desire, those around us benefit as well. Being happy is a great role model, if it is genuine. 


It’s Life

I was having a conversation with my daughter, as mothers do, and I asked her about her experiences of flow. IMG_7241

My life, I explained, was built under the assumption that there was a path to stability all laid out. Allegedly, the stability brought on happiness, because you have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this has meant unrealized potential, lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. I found myself lost for a while. But as align myself with flow, I can see that I could change my circumstance by starting a new career.

I’m, of course, in the midst of that, but I’m trying to understand how to explain it. She said, “It’s life”. She has come to expect that her life will be easy and by tuning into her intuition, it has, for the most part.

So this first part here is to start paying attention to the sensations in your body. It might require you to sit still and just focus on feedback you are receiving. Noticing these changes as emotions come and go helps to recognize how you actually feel, which may not be the way you were taught to learn about things.

This is an important difference. We were taught what “success” was and it took me becoming an adult to realize that it is not necessarily the road to happiness. I have coached many, many, uber successful people who were anything BUT happy.

I teach them to tap into their intuition, seek guidance from their own knowing. It is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to situations and choices. In general, if you feel an opening and relaxation feeling that is a yes. Contraction is a no. It is that simple once you are paying attention.

It is a new way to steer the ship, but you’d be amazed at the results. I’ve eliminated a huge amount of bad energy from my life and it feels like my life is expanding.


The Queue

It became essential that I finally look up the spelling of “queue”. I finally learned how to spell it without spell check kicking in,  which is more than I can say for “soliloquy”. I promised myself if I spelled that wrong I wouldn’t have corrected it. It sounds self congratulatory to point that out. But, I digress. IMG_6685

I recognize I don’t choose the topics, but that they originate in our lives in how we spend our days. Once a topic is in queue I must write about it even if I would never consider letting anyone else read it. It must be written or it jams up the queue.

Nasygrams, spiteful thoughts and politics….because I can’t write about politics without the risk of losing my job. I hope I haven’t said too much in a blog, but it is not in a political context. I could argue that.

I would prefer to use my writing time on things I can publish. I made the political party aware that I had taken a hit to run for them and they won’t answer my calls. I’m done.

My newspaper full of topics I can’t write about, my emails and email address have all been cancelled. I told the party myself that I was not going to continue to pursue trying to get my letter banning me from engaging in politics rescinded. After the party bunted the responsibility for my letter back to the public service I thought, “Seriously?”

I enjoy writing. Why not enjoy the fruits of it, even if it comes down to the number of likes? At least I know people are reading it and I hope it brings benefits to them.

My hope is by redirecting my time to other priorities and mostly eliminating politics from my life, other things, things I can publish, will populate the queue.


Unstructured Thought

I haven’t been posting because my writing , as of late, goes more and more to the book.


That green at the top is what is left of the first candle.

Talk about being in the queue. I have 95% of a book in my mind and I need to type all of it into book form. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

I have a link, from my other website, that says, let me know when your book is done. Every time I get one of those emails I know someone needs me to get this into a format someone else can access.

Woke to two this morning and realized the emails have been steady since I put up the request form.

But, I still need unstructured time. I can come here and do very little other than muse about every little thing in my surroundings. It feels good.

I know I’m in the flow because I can feel it and it actually shows up in increased web traffic and book sales.

Also, it is a new post leading the pack. It was the same post, Discourage, that has tens of thousands of hits and will go viral randomly on Facebook for a while.

I get the same response on Reddit, but it’s not sustained in the same way , so it could be a bump in the numbers of any single post.

This time it is a three part series with the first doing the best and it tapers off with the third part getting the least, as expected. It is, “Why were you with a narcissist?” Feels good.

I have a turkey dinner ready, so I’m going to eat.


Book Yourself Solid

Had an immediate visceral reaction to the blogs I’ve started already. I want less structure, freer flowing ideas rather than titles with pre-conceived ideas waiting.

Learning to sit and let yourself write whatever I’d like was quite difficult for me but it seems to be paying back in spades. I’m re-engaged in my life, the last piece of recovery from last spring. I’m back. It feels good and when you are in the flow like that things come to you.

I got, “Book Yourself Solid“, which just happened to be on the shelves of a library I had to drive near to pick up a gift I had ordered on line. The only copy in the city, just sitting in the most convenient place at the most convenient time for me to pick it up. Nice. Thank-you for that.

So I’ve spent the weekend being inspired by and dreaming about what my brand would be. He specifies that you have to master one area first and then you can expand. That one area for me would be narcissism. But my larger me, the part that is more reflective of who I am, not the circumstances of my life, would be about living joyfully.

“When you’re tired of the drama, come back to joyful living”. These are all first drafts.

Anywho, I’ve managed to go from an abusive relationship to absolutely relishing my life. That is what I can teach people. Interesting. I love thinking about this stuff.

Now, I know my dinner is waiting. I realize I’ve used that as an excuse to end a piece already today, but I had to wait for it to cool, so I wrote this.


Ride the Rapids

I have to mention, before I’m off to my Fritos, yes my stomach is grumbling…I’m in the flow. I can feel it. It is like being swept along. The luck is running with me. I’ve improved my working situation, which was something that happened for me, not by me. Also, my main webpage had its best day ever this week, substantially on the popularity of a single blog: 10 Ways to Discourage Narcissists from Dating You. IMG_6763

I take responsibility for doing the work on that blog. I think I did a good job. But I did that work over two years ago. Why am I benefitting again, now? The timing is just great and it illustrates flow so well.

When you grab a raft and just ride the rapids, you seem to be getting help from somewhere else. I like to call it the universe but let’s not quabble over names. You call it whatever you like.

I wanted to note that this occurred before I applied any of the tools from Hootsuite. I plan to do that as well. Everything is coming together. Even the weather is co-operating. I’m going out on the back deck. Be back soon.