Decided to post live

No way to tamper my interest in politics today. A passion of mine I’m writing less about. 

It is as yet undecided, but how could we possibly explain to our daughters , a racist sexist bufoon was elected instead of a woman who had dedicated many of her efforts selflessly. But I digress. 

I awakened a part of me I love. A good friend had an election party. It was great talking politics again. 

I should invite them over to discuss electoral reform. Canada has the chance to design the system for electing people democratically. Ever vote should count, for starters. Done. 


I Just Feel Like Writing

So, I’ve picked up my phone. Whatever I write can’t be very long because my hands are already starting to get cold. I find myself anticipating the snow

A great wind last night saved my neighbour hours of work, by sweeping away most of the leaves from Norman. In honour of my sheltie, I named the maple tree I planted above his grave, Norman. 

Spent the day with my daughter at a graduation. What a great day. 50 degrees, sunny, fall colours. Lots of walking, perfect moments and time with loved ones. 


 Back To The Club

I closed my pool on the weekend. It is always bitter sweet. I’m glad I don’t have to think about maintaining it anymore this year. The return gets smaller when the leaves start falling and it is so cold at night

My club membership has been on hold all summer and now it is reactivated and I am swimming there. There were three major improvements while I was away. 

The inside of the pool was resurfaced, changing a scraping hazard into a smooth, soft surface. Also, the chlorine levels are lower now, thankfully. If I was going to stop going, that would’ve been the reason. Finally, the schedule for the classes better suits my schedule. I can’t do laps during an aqua fit class. 

Before the summer one of the aqua-fit classes was earlier, which meant if I was a little delayed I either had to do a shorter swim, wait over an hour or miss it all together. 

I am also grateful the work was done, and the pool was closed, when I had no intention of using it. Good news, I’m grateful for, all of it.