Emotional Abuse

I’ll say it right up front. My specialty is narcissists, but I have come to see that not all abuse is without empathy. The tools are the same and the reason they work is the same.

If you have a relationship you are having trouble getting over, there may have been some level of manipulation. If you spend countless hours trying to remember details of your day so you can be certain when you defend yourself, you are being gaslighted.

If you would rather be at work then home, you need to examine that.

Emotional abuse works because a person who is supposed to love you and take care of you instead uses their connection with you to undermine your self confidence and make you feel inadequate.

If you often feel bad after being with someone who ‘loves’ you, consider the possibility they are emotionally abusing you.

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I wanted to share a video that illustrates how I see our best future. What she shows is how the majority of us can impact the world around us. I interpret our contribution as sharing positivity and giving in ways that help each other.

*Full disclosure, I am a Martha Beck certified coach and this 9 minute video is Martha Beck.




I did discover that I couldn’t put nail polish on in direct sunlight, but let’s flip that over. On a hot sunny day, I could apply it inside and then expose it to the sun.

In one minute it would be hard as nails and I wouldn’t have to worry about smudging it. So now for the hard part. Who’s kidding whom? I’ve gotta go with silver. It is light and bright for summer, looks great next to the railing of my deck and suits my mood.

I fell in love with this when ┬áChristine Baranski, as Diane Lockhart, from the Good Wife started wearing it. She has such great style. A woman’s woman for sure!

We all love a powerful, intelligent woman that finds an equal, opposite boy toy. I hope that pair becomes a spin off drama just so we can indulge in the fantasy of a love that transcends politics, beliefs and appearances.


Pool is Open

I swam the other night and I felt powerful and strong. It is a thrill for me that I don’t get any other way and I know I’ve been missing it. I’ll have to extend my Movati membership longer next year. Despite the high chlorine there.

Anyway, the pool is warm, the evening will be cool, I have the light on in the pool. It is supposed to be lights but I don’t want to exaggerate. Only one is working. After dinner, possibly at sunset, I think I’ll go for a swim. Now when should I have the wine?IMG_6739

I went to sit down and write and Sophie started barking. We just came in from a walk and some time on the balcony and I thought she’d give me a break. She has learned how to politely enter my bedroom, from the balcony, ahead of me. That is how I want her to do it. I need to stay back to shut the door.

I was so pleased, I said to her, “You’re a Good Dog! Sadie!” Which somehow detracts from the authenticity of the compliment. Safe to say I never bonded with her. I think the turning point was early, last Friday when I was exhausted and there had been men in the house. I wanted a nap. I hauled her up onto my bed. Let’s just say there is no way she could ever get up on her own.

She stood and looked out my balcony, barking, whining and running back and forth as people passed. Then there was that big gob of saliva. I had to get a cloth and wash her face, I did not want that shit on my duvet cover. Yuck. But I digress.