Integrity in Friendships

Just had coffee with people I’ve known for a while. Assessing my body energy now, there is no question I disliked the visit.

Truth is, we disagree on many topics and I’m tiring of feeling “less than”, feeling judged and found wanting.

The topics we disagree on were varied and I won’t “argue my case” here. It is not about being right or wrong. It is about acceptance.

It is clear I’m not good enough for these people and I think this is the last time I’m going to have coffee with them.

I do not have a need to be right. More accurately, I recognize how negative it is in my life to think I’m right.

I was not able to stand in my integrity and have a conversation with them. If I have to lie in order to get along, that is not OK with me.


Political Eruption

I just had a political eruption. I snapped out of being asleep and just letting that word generating part of my brain talk, talk, talk. I do lose the present moment to thoughts on occasion. I am restricted to what I can discuss, just putting it out there.

A very Canadian issue. The first Trudeau government brought the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into force. My hopes were high, that the second Trudeau would do his family proud and create a perfectly democratic voting system.

My heart chills at the opportunity lost. Some number cruncher decided the current people employed because they won the election might lose their jobs if democracy actually represented the people who did the voting.

Essentially every proposed voter reform put recognition of being in a party as an assumed. Why is that?

Many complain of electing their voice in Ottawa to hear the power of the party had changed the vote against their own community. Proportional representation assumes everyone has allegiances to a party. Because it must be ‘proportional’ to something. That something just happens to be the various parties designing an election in their image.

Below, I have a comprehensive plan. It ensures:

Every vote counts.

Less well funded individuals could fair as well in the voting.

The person you voted for can be true to their priorities.


  • Combine five of the current ridings to create one mega-riding of approximately 500,000 people.
  • Have a single nomination process to choose the five candidates for the riding. (There are already multiple nominations processes – one for each party. Just combine them.)
  • Every candidate becomes a member of parliament.
  • A riding has twenty parliamentary votes. These votes are divided up between the five candidates.
  • One vote is allocated for each 5% of the total number of ballots received on election day.
  • The minimum each candidate can have is one vote in parliament, maximum 16.
  • Voters can register to vote in whatever riding they want, without a residency requirement.

So there you have it. A simple, unbiased voting system that reflects the wishes of the voters. Notice there is no requirement to belong to a party. I understand that the party system will exist for a long time, but why design a new system with that as a requirement? Every vote contributes to the power the individual receiving it will have in parliament. It won’t be adopted. We all know that because it messes with the current power system, which of course is the parties.


The Queue

It became essential that I finally look up the spelling of “queue”. I finally learned how to spell it without spell check kicking in,  which is more than I can say for “soliloquy”. I promised myself if I spelled that wrong I wouldn’t have corrected it. It sounds self congratulatory to point that out. But, I digress. IMG_6685

I recognize I don’t choose the topics, but that they originate in our lives in how we spend our days. Once a topic is in queue I must write about it even if I would never consider letting anyone else read it. It must be written or it jams up the queue.

Nasygrams, spiteful thoughts and politics….because I can’t write about politics without the risk of losing my job. I hope I haven’t said too much in a blog, but it is not in a political context. I could argue that.

I would prefer to use my writing time on things I can publish. I made the political party aware that I had taken a hit to run for them and they won’t answer my calls. I’m done.

My newspaper full of topics I can’t write about, my emails and email address have all been cancelled. I told the party myself that I was not going to continue to pursue trying to get my letter banning me from engaging in politics rescinded. After the party bunted the responsibility for my letter back to the public service I thought, “Seriously?”

I enjoy writing. Why not enjoy the fruits of it, even if it comes down to the number of likes? At least I know people are reading it and I hope it brings benefits to them.

My hope is by redirecting my time to other priorities and mostly eliminating politics from my life, other things, things I can publish, will populate the queue.



Congress was seen on Periscope, a live streaming video app that allows anybody to send a video of their immediate surroundings. IMG_7002

The Late Show had a short segment mentioning that Paul Ryan declared a recess and cut off the live feed of CSPAN when the democrats started their sit-in on gun control. Fortunately, Periscope allowed people to share video of the events.

There is a sit-in in the House of Representatives we would barely know about if it wasn’t for alternative forms of media. Doesn’t that bring all of our mainstream medium into question?

If one side can be silenced, what good is listening at all?


Bill Maher

I’ve PVR’d every episode of the late show since Stephen Colbert began hosting. For reasons I won’t get into, I got over 100 behind.

My PVR got bitchy and started threatening it wouldn’t record everything I wanted it to, so I was faced with a choice. Watch them or delete them.

In short, I’ve been binge watching the shows. They are incredibly commercial heavy and I feel no obligation to watch any segment I’m not enjoying, so I’ve managed to get through almost half, while keeping up on the current ones.

Today, I watched an old episode with Bill Maher. I developed a crush on him, before I gave up the additional cable channels, about the time Netflix started meeting most of my needs and haven’t seen him for a while.

I know he can be found on-line, but I’m old school that way. I want to watch t.v. on the big screen in my family room.

When movies were first available on-line I watched a few with my daughters, on my bed, on the computer and too much was lost. I decided it wasn’t my thing.

Today, Bill was on my t.v., on the Late Show and it occurred to me, a while back he answered in a tweet that the only criterion for a woman was proximity.

I’ve had a private fantasy of testing this statement, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Don’t forget, the other part is that I would love to talk politics with the man. We have a love of that in common.



It is quite alarming to watch our world begin to rip apart. The politics of fear, hate and division are causing deaths all over the world.

Society appears to be heading in the wrong direction. IMG_6210We are one. It does not matter if you exhale here or on the other side of the world, it will be inhaled an infinite amount of times by millions of others world wide. We are inseparable from our surroundings. We all breath the same air and drink the same water, again and again.

I heard a story about the transformation many experienced the first time they saw their homes from the air.

Suddenly, it was clear to them, that we all live together and the fences are just part of an illusion. They are a creation of humans to try to divide up the resources so that we could then fight over their distribution.

Even Stephen Colbert, who started by saying this is a comedy show and I want to make you laugh, admitted he was scared.

It is alarming that so much money is generated by arms sales that it can en masse that much power. Their advertising campaign has convinced an entire country guns are a necessity.

I hope everyone wakes up real soon and understands how these ideas lead to hate, divisiveness and tragedy.


Quick Angry Post


Just got back from the market and two, not one, but two people took the time to tell me that they are unhappy with the person that got elected in our riding. I ran and lost. These individuals had the audacity to say they hoped I’d run again because a great mistake was made.

The Colbert emoticon.

The Colbert emoticon seems appropriate. 

No kidding!

Obviously, I’m biased — really biased — but anyone paying attention could tell this guy was not a good candidate. He was not active in the community and he didn’t even know the issues. A woman from my team had to coach him so that he wouldn’t get trounced in the debates.

I stopped short of saying to these two individuals, “Where were you the day of the vote?” Huh? You want me to run again. RUN AGAIN and you didn’t even come out for the vote.

I’m done. Thanks for indulging me.