Jane Fonda

Like a tidal wave hitting my world, Jane is back. I added the link to her website, but it comes up with a strange page asking me to prove Jane FondaI’m not a robot. Unlikely. I don’t understand or appreciate why people have these blocks on their pages and their twitter accounts to screen out views and followers.

I guess it doesn’t matter. I usually link to the celebrity sites when I talk about someone. They are well organized sites and the information is just there if you click.

Anywho, Jane is starring on “Grace and Frankie” and she has always been out there. From heralding an era of aerobics, marrying a millionaire and being a truly classy lady. A woman’s woman who is enjoying her life and engaging fully. Her message on Colbert was, that she is more relaxed in her seventies than when she was young. Love that.


Susan Hyatt

I just got off a webinar with the Fantastic Susan Hyatt, one of my favourite Woman’s Woman. She is planning trips all over the world for her elite coaching sessions. Villas, castles, that sort of thing.

She is a common sense, wisdom kinda gal and I love her. There’s not a lot of people I’d want to meet for the first time, after swimming, while still in the pool, but she’s always been welcoming and gracious.

Picture Max, on the highway in Michigan. Who knows what speed I’m going? My dashboard is in kilometres. People are passing me, so even if I’m speeding, they likely know this road and the likelihood of radar. But I digress, 70 degrees, roof down, right into the heart of Chicago, for a dinner with Susan. She hosts these dinners that include coaching and it all comes together so well.

Today, Susan was talking to women business owners, and in general, any woman that is out there making their way in our world. She covered too many topics to mention, but one that spoke to me was the importance of self-care.

To those of you that follow my blog, you already know this, so I apologize. But, I have been struggling to find that balance myself. What level of exercise energizes me and doesn’t drain me? How do I learn the signals from my body about eating? These are things that I have spoken about. She goes into detail in how to develop a plan for yourself.

Anywho, she has another seminar tomorrow, live.




Yeah, so I’m glad I stopped for my fix. I could always leave one burning while I typed but I’m too frugal for that.IMG_7007

I did stop and realize I had lost my voice again for a while.  I thought I had run out of ideas and inspiration, but as always, I had to face it head on before my writing started to flow.

I wrote about my doubts and sadness, even though I was reluctant to “share”. I guess I have more control than I realized.

Allowing, allowed, and I’m back.

I apologize in advance, which is quite Canadian, I’m told. Saying, “I’m sorry,” is the only statement I can make, and be understood in, in three languages.

But somehow I feel responsible and yet unable to deviate from the pure meaning of the word and how I love a capital “S” in this font. It is a Spectacular day. There, I said it again. It is a Spectacular day.

Nothing to do but indulge.  Heavenly. Got my visual image of Bill to give me some company, a bottle of wine, blue cheese and my Shrimp and Red Pepper recipe on a broad flat noodle. A nap, a swim, and an evening to do whatever. Perhaps indulge in a little Colbert.


Bill Maher 2

I took the time to check out Bill Maher’s presence on-line. His URL doesn’t load on my computer. Love you Bill but not enough for that hassel.

There were some YouTube videos and he is still as cute as ever, but it is not the same as him sitting across the room, almost life sized. Not even close.

His interview with Colbert was fantastic. Now to my nosh.

Realized, mid Late Show that my DVD player plays YouTube, so I decided to try a little Bill on my t.v. Fantastic. Funny, Fearless, Foulmouthed,….I think I’m on a theme, I wonder what it is?

Anywho, my wish was instantly fulfilled. I wanted Bill Maher full sized on my television in the family room and I remembered how to accomplish just that.

Now, I better stop or he may worry I’m a crazy stalker and I wouldn’t want that.


Train of Thought

After having a fight with myself earlier about my phone on the balcony, I started wondering, if only for a moment, how to distinguish that presence, or knowing, from the constant barrage of word generation. I remembered a teaching by Martha Beck.IMG_5868

Martha Beck suggests mastering being present including waiting for your body to give direction instead of verbally deciding what to do next. This is quite difficult to do. I usually think, I’ll go here and do this and then I’ll go there and do that and then I proceed.

What Martha recommends is to stand and not give yourself any direction. She spoke about dancing or moving in place just to unlock your body and feel it moving. Then, you simply “allow” any movement that wants to occur.

It is surprising when you do this because it turns out there is an “agenda” that you might ignore all of the time. It is an interesting perspective to just allow what is, instead of thinking about it, experience it.

Like my fight with myself was my inability to let go of what I had “decided” to do and let myself just do what I wanted. I knew what I wanted. The argument I was having with myself was just background noise.


Toad in the Pool

Last summer, Penelope, a lime green frog, spent most of the summer in my pool. After catching her in the net and throwing her over the fence a few times I discovered it was, at best, a temporary solution.

Penelope in my pool.

Penelope in my pool.

Having her brush up against me while I swam was disgusting and it freaked me out a bit so I encouraged her, by causing waves with my hands, to go towards the steps. After doing that a couple of times she would head for the stairs when I was in the pool and sit there until I got out. This worked for both of us.

Penelope has not reappeared this summer. I now have a toad. We went through the same preliminary step. I saw him when I turned the filter on and proceeded to scoop him up with the net and toss him over the fence. When I returned a little while later to go for a swim he was happily enjoying the warm water.

Knowing my lack of success with Penelope, I decided to confront him head on. I stood about three feet away from him in the shallow end. He knew I was there. We looked at each other and I started to speak. He purposefully swam towards me and crawled up on my forearm. He looked me right in the eyes and held my gaze until I lowered my arm into the water and he was forced to swim.

Very strange.

I swam and he sat on the stairs for most of it. Having him sit on my arm made me realize that it was not as disgusting as it had felt when Penelope brushed up against me. He seemed to know that I wouldn’t hurt him. Peculiar experience, I must admit.



I was prewriting my blog in my head and just as I was thinking about something a chipmunk ran down the drive way. I lost my train of thought.

 Oh, I remember now. I spoke in the past of illness and yes I did see a doctor. Everything was tested and had the worst date ever. When, “Would you like to insert this yourself?” comes up in a medical context it’s never going to be associated with the joy we otherwise associate with that area.

So I await the results. I am not OK, but not suffering like I was for a while. Things do look sunny.

A man just walked down the street carrying one son and calling out to another. This is such a great neighbourhood. I crave more density and often consider purchases in other cities. Maybe I just need to go into the city for the weekend.