It’s Life

I was having a conversation with my daughter, as mothers do, and I asked her about her experiences of flow. IMG_7241

My life, I explained, was built under the assumption that there was a path to stability all laid out. Allegedly, the stability brought on happiness, because you have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this has meant unrealized potential, lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. I found myself lost for a while. But as align myself with flow, I can see that I could change my circumstance by starting a new career.

I’m, of course, in the midst of that, but I’m trying to understand how to explain it. She said, “It’s life”. She has come to expect that her life will be easy and by tuning into her intuition, it has, for the most part.

So this first part here is to start paying attention to the sensations in your body. It might require you to sit still and just focus on feedback you are receiving. Noticing these changes as emotions come and go helps to recognize how you actually feel, which may not be the way you were taught to learn about things.

This is an important difference. We were taught what “success” was and it took me becoming an adult to realize that it is not necessarily the road to happiness. I have coached many, many, uber successful people who were anything BUT happy.

I teach them to tap into their intuition, seek guidance from their own knowing. It is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to situations and choices. In general, if you feel an opening and relaxation feeling that is a yes. Contraction is a no. It is that simple once you are paying attention.

It is a new way to steer the ship, but you’d be amazed at the results. I’ve eliminated a huge amount of bad energy from my life and it feels like my life is expanding.


Wedding Dress

Bridal boutique today. Grandma, ma, sister and bridesmaids. Great time. At the moment she emerged in the dress, she later bought, I broke into tears. Just mild, instantaneous watering of the eyes, at first. My daughter could tell from where she was standing and asked, “Are you crying?” IMG_6592My denial shattered when she came over and threw her arms around me. We both sobbed for a moment and stayed together a while, sharing the perfection that was that moment.

There was no question that the dress was perfect. It is now upstairs. Tradition has it that it is bad luck for the groom to see the dress ahead of time, so I’m hiding it here.

Also, it was an opportunity to get out on the open highway with my lid down. Still too cool for windows down as well, but no less glorious, enhanced simply by rarity as of late. No better sauce than hunger.

Which brings me to food. I had to force myself to write that. As the words formed in my mind a great wall of resistance came up. You can’t write that. You never even speak about it. But it is true. I have been trying to find that perfect balance between eating and hunger. Maximize the experience while minimizing the likelihood that you will eat too much because you are over hungry. More elusive than you would imagine.


ABC Already Been Chewed

I do like to chew flavourless gum. It is not something I know where to buy, so I buy gum made with real gum and regular sugar. To the disgust of many of my acquaintances, I have a dish that I put the ABC into so that I can reuse it. I know from experience that if I chew fresh gum, I more often IMG_6643than not just keep opening fresh pieces to get the sugar again. Not my idea of ideal. Anyhoo, it is satisfying my urge to chew. Chewing for its own sake. I get it.

Dress fitting tomorrow. My daughter is getting married, and as I’ve mentioned there are too many daughters to keep track of so lets just call them all daughters. You know what I mean. Otherwise, I’d have to keep reminding every one who was whom, yuck.

Anywho, I’m going to have a smoke. Yes, I smoke. I am not a closet smoker, too hard on the clothes. But I rarely smoke anywhere other than at home, so most people don’t know I smoke or likely ever bothered to think about it.

I didn’t start until I was an adult. I figured anything that controversial must be enjoyable. It is. My prediction is that smoking is going to become the next butter. We spent years suffering through margarines instead of enjoying real food, only to find out, shocker! the real food is better for you.


Leftover Lasagna

The drive was nice today. I had my phone hooked up to the audio system in the car. Adele on the way there and my favourites on the way back. My favourites were compiled in 2009, coming up on seven years ago. They were the songs that had staying power and some were quite old by then.

I made a CD so I had music I liked without having to put on the radio. I still like those songs and I don’t play the CD enough to get sick of it.

I’m falling in love with Shazam. I never followed music or movies for that matter. There are few stars I can name and fewer movies. So I get out Shazam and find out the name of music I like, I love it. I feel like I’ve won some sort of prize when fewer and 1000 people have Shazamed it. It is like music so few people have heard. Some of it is wonderful. 264 is the lowest so far. Broadway, Lee KonitzIMG_6532. The YouTube video has less than 100!

I shazamed  a piano piece during a Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode and I believe only a few people had done that before as well.

An actual growl. I’m eating up the left over lasagna from the dinner I had with my daughter. There are too many daughters to keep straight, so lets just say, my daughter. Romero’s is currently my favourite restaurant, and largely because it makes lasagna like I got in restaurants when I was young. Love that.

So I knew my white, Italian bread loving daughter would enjoy some of the meal at least. That is the bread that is white and Italian, not the daughter.