Disappointed by Breath Function

First I must say, it is a beautiful interface. The simultaneous pulses to let you know when to breath in are lovely, allowing you to close your eyes.

I’m talking about my iWatch, which I believe has been rebranded to the Apple Watch, appropriately, to distinguish ‘pre’ from ‘post’ Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is dead. It is obvious, but I digress.

That said and I must admit, this is not that big of a deal, BUT we’ve all come to expect more. Somewhere in my imagination there was a relationship between, let’s say, your heart rate and lack of movement and your watch responds with a reminder to breath.

Useful, insightful and welcome. However the reminders appear completely random. Or worse, at timed intervals, relating to nothing. And let’s face it. Not including my meditation as mindful moments, does somehow rub me the wrong way.

I may just turn it off completely until it is improved, if it ever is. As I mentioned earlier, Steve Jobs is dead.


1/2 Marathon

Spent the day in Toronto. My daughter completed her race with a new best time for 21.1 km or about 13 miles.

Nice day all and all. I got a badge (from my iWatch) for doing 200% of my daily movement. The unit is calories. I ended up walking almost 11 km.

My simple plan was to get a “before picture” and wish her well. Then, make it to the finish line before she could run there.

Superficially, it should be easy to do. That is before you consider the fact that most of the city was impacted by the race.

On a Sunday, public transit doesn’t even operate before I needed to be where her race began. The roads were jammed so taxis, Uber and  just driving yourself wouldn’t be easy. The closest I could get was 2 km from the finish line. On public transit that is. I walked the rest of the way, hence 200% of my target calorie burn.



I first noticed I missed it when I got back home from Spain and no longer needed to carry my iPhone around with me all the time. While travelling I had it with me even when I went to the toilet in the middle of night, if necessary.

I was staying in inexpensive accommodations for large groups of pilgrims and it was necessary to keep all of my valuables with me at all times. Not like staying in a hotel where you could leave things locked in your room.

The first tracker I bought was very cheap. It was about $20.00. I didn’t check that number but suffice it to say, it was very inexpensive. I looked for a water proof one, that would track swimming as well, and the same brand had a swim proof version. That was my third tracker by my count.

I lost the third one and started to search for another tracker. In walks the waterproof iWatch. Now I track everything. Steps, of course, calories, sleep, heart rate, standing… I think I’m becoming increasingly addicted to my data collection.



To my Cyber Buddy

Now that I’ve warn you for a while, I like the understanding we’ve reached. I like the reminders to stand and breath. I love the rewards for reaching my goals.

All and all it has been a pleasant experience. I have found a way to encourage myself by providing my own feedback about what I’m actually doing.

It takes the guessing out. The self-flagellation about exercise and movement. Just the facts ma’am.

So thanks. I’m grateful.



A metaphor has sprung up in my life. I have started to charge my iWatch when I meditate. If I charge it for the hour of my meditation and put it on “Do Not Disturb” at night, I can wear it all the rest of the time. I choose not to wear it in the shower. But the tub, absolutely.

So as my battery runs down I realize I have not meditated in a while and probably should soon, before my battery runs out. 🙂


So I Gotta Watch

I haven’t settled on a watch face yet. I keep trying them out. This one has a new butterfly each time you look at it. I don’t know how many butterflies it has, but there are at least a dozen. The butterflies flap their wings as well.

Wednesday, after meditating first thing in the morning, I decided I wanted a tracker and at this point that would be the iWatch. So I got one to match my phone, the smaller size, the larger just would not suite my wrist. Not thrilled about the band but I may replace that if I don’t end up liking it.

Truth is, when I’m making those everyday decisions, “Do I talk to a coworker or go for a walk?” “Watch Voyager in my chair, or while walking on the treadmill?” “Bother with an umbrella, or decide to not go out?” I don’t bother if I’m not keeping track. There I said it. I need external accountability to get my exercise in.

I enjoyed the feedback even if it was self-generated. The metrics take it out of the grey zone and clearly show me if I have met my goals or not. So I got one. It works for swimming and I should have my pool open soon. I think it is the best way to be connected in my car, with ear buds of course. A tap to the ear bud and Siri can do the rest.


iWatch, Watch

As you can see, the photo of the watch was taken while I was editing this post, not when I first bought the watch, as you would imagine.

Apologies to my regular readers, but I am going to repeat, I bought an iWatch. It matches my phone. I’ve had it for a day and I can feel the changes in my behaviour.

Interesting. I find myself contrasting my Vipassana meditation with my new iWatch. The two extremes in the broadest senses. Pay attention to your body vs let me record everything you do to give you feedback. Reminders to breath…one minute, from my phone. Encouragement to meditate for 2 hours/day from the retreat. I’ll see how I feel.

I’m disappointed my ‘mindful minutes are not one of the rings on the activity rings. How about sleep as well?
If we are going to use a phone to shape our behaviour, shouldn’t it capture more than just blood flow and calorie burn?

I like it, so far. And yes, I am already finding it addictive.