Toads, Toads, Toads

I’m glad I looked up the totem meaning of Toad. It means inner strength and luck. Which is a good meaning when you are seeing lots and lots of them. I turned the filter on and went out to swim about an hour or less later. The first thing I did was clean the filter in the skimmer and freed several toads of various shapes and sizes.

There are no toads here. This was taken in 2012 right before I went to Spain the first time.

There are no toads here. This was taken in 2012 right before I went to Spain the first time.

Then, I thought the main filter was making a different sound and I went to see if it was OK. There were two toads swirling around in the last filter before the pump. I turned the pump off and freed them. They both still appeared alive, if not terribly dizzy. They were sitting on the cement next to the pump when I left.

“The appearance of a Toad heralds a successful time of drawing upon and using our inner resources.” Well, it certainly feels that way as I channel more and more of myself into my writing and expanding my business.

I love the whole animal totem thing. My favourite story so far is during the week I decided to leave my husband. I set things in motion and I was passing those points of no return.

We were at a cottage, the entire family, and I was out in a canoe. As I paddled between a large land mass and a small island, I could see a large beige dog swimming towards where I would be if I continued to move in the same direction at the same speed.

As I approached it became clear that it was not in fact a dog at all. It was a deer. A deer who had decided to swim from the mainland, over to the island. Like passing that point of no return, she had left the safety of the shore and swam over to a new place. The symbolism is all over that story.


Totem Meaning of Toad

After the toad swam over to me and crawled up onto my arm I had no choice but to lli up its meaning. This is a direct excerpt from Lidsomain :


Inner Strength, Luck

The appearance of a Toad heralds a successful time of drawing upon and using our inner resources.
Toads are associated with money and luck –
especially changing your luck from bad to good.

People with a Toad totem can see things and people more clearly.

A Toad heralds the need for self-examination.
Ask these questions:
Am I hesitating to act and missing opportunities?
Am I allowing fear to hinder progress?
Have I forgotten my inner strength?

A Toad totem is a representation of the Moon, and represents both Life and Death.
In alchemy, the Toad signifies the dark side of Nature.
In the ancient cultures of Mexico, the Toad symbolized the Earth.”

Not bad, a little self-reflection for more good luck. I like it.


Toad in the Pool

Last summer, Penelope, a lime green frog, spent most of the summer in my pool. After catching her in the net and throwing her over the fence a few times I discovered it was, at best, a temporary solution.

Penelope in my pool.

Penelope in my pool.

Having her brush up against me while I swam was disgusting and it freaked me out a bit so I encouraged her, by causing waves with my hands, to go towards the steps. After doing that a couple of times she would head for the stairs when I was in the pool and sit there until I got out. This worked for both of us.

Penelope has not reappeared this summer. I now have a toad. We went through the same preliminary step. I saw him when I turned the filter on and proceeded to scoop him up with the net and toss him over the fence. When I returned a little while later to go for a swim he was happily enjoying the warm water.

Knowing my lack of success with Penelope, I decided to confront him head on. I stood about three feet away from him in the shallow end. He knew I was there. We looked at each other and I started to speak. He purposefully swam towards me and crawled up on my forearm. He looked me right in the eyes and held my gaze until I lowered my arm into the water and he was forced to swim.

Very strange.

I swam and he sat on the stairs for most of it. Having him sit on my arm made me realize that it was not as disgusting as it had felt when Penelope brushed up against me. He seemed to know that I wouldn’t hurt him. Peculiar experience, I must admit.