Car Wash

Max got a thorough spit and polish today at a fundraiser in Guelph. Their spokeswoman, a primary school aged lady, outlined the program and let me know they were going to build a block house where there is now a temporary shelter with free flowing, mismatched material hung as walls, in Nicaragua.

Max Taken in the garage, because it was raining.

She had photos of the existent building and the proposed structure that they would build. Very professional.

Their assembly line gave everyone a chance to stroke Max and tell him how beautiful he is. Fun little intermission in my daily routine. It is always enjoyable to absorb the upbeat energy of this type of event.

Right at the corner of College and Scottsdale, by the lights. The entrance is from the west.


Susan Hyatt

I just got off a webinar with the Fantastic Susan Hyatt, one of my favourite Woman’s Woman. She is planning trips all over the world for her elite coaching sessions. Villas, castles, that sort of thing.

She is a common sense, wisdom kinda gal and I love her. There’s not a lot of people I’d want to meet for the first time, after swimming, while still in the pool, but she’s always been welcoming and gracious.

Picture Max, on the highway in Michigan. Who knows what speed I’m going? My dashboard is in kilometres. People are passing me, so even if I’m speeding, they likely know this road and the likelihood of radar. But I digress, 70 degrees, roof down, right into the heart of Chicago, for a dinner with Susan. She hosts these dinners that include coaching and it all comes together so well.

Today, Susan was talking to women business owners, and in general, any woman that is out there making their way in our world. She covered too many topics to mention, but one that spoke to me was the importance of self-care.

To those of you that follow my blog, you already know this, so I apologize. But, I have been struggling to find that balance myself. What level of exercise energizes me and doesn’t drain me? How do I learn the signals from my body about eating? These are things that I have spoken about. She goes into detail in how to develop a plan for yourself.

Anywho, she has another seminar tomorrow, live.




Max Taken in the garage, because it was raining.

I’ve been meaning to talk about Max, my current love. He was one of the ones I missed while in Spain. I would see a familiar look and stop, look and long for Max. He originated both out of a long held passion and the writings of Martha Beck, one of my teachers. There are only so many ways that you can deal with a problem. There’s a catchy way to remember them, but all I know is if you have to do something and you can’t give it away or pay someone to do it, you should make it as enjoyable as possible.

In this instance, a huge amount of my time was spent driving my daughters around. How could I make that as enjoyable as possible? And in walked Max. He is a 328i, 2009, dark metallic blue, cabriolet, BMW. And in my not so unbiased opinion has the best front end of any other make or model of BMW. Looking at it makes me want to growl.

The sounds system allowed my girls to play their own music and having the roof down makes any day better. Suffice it to say, sometimes between a mother and a daughter, it is good to be reminded that you can enjoy each other’s company without having to converse. And who can converse with the top down and the music blasting?

Especially in the winter with the seat heaters on and the windows up. The number of seat positions are infinite. They are all motorized and both parts of the seat can move independently in multiple directions. Total comfort. This is the first car I’ve ever been able to use the head rest in.

Max currently, makes the opportunity to drive the distances necessary to see my daughters, even more pleasant and I am more likely to drive one of the girls home knowing Max will be there with me.