Epsom Salts

I found an Epsom Salt flush. In addition to that, I found a medical research paper written in 1919 describing the usefulness of epsom salts in relaxing the sphincter at the opening of the gallbladder. The focus of the scientific work was to try to diagnose and treat the condition, so the “relaxation” and possible drainage of the gallbladder was not the focus of the earlier papers. Oh, BTW epsom salt is magnesium sulphate for those that might not know.

This has nothing to do with this topic, I just love this photo.

The scientists were trying to diagnose the condition by retrieving samples of bile. This was an early attempt to treat the condition medically. Now, the go-to treatment is excision. The surgeons have shown that simply by removing the gall bladder there are no more attacks. It goes on to explain, that this is the only way to make sure that there are fewer attacks.

One piece actually said, “no one has ever died because they don’t have a gallbladder.” The meaning of this sentiment is obvious. You don’t have to worry about having yours removed because you don’t need it to survive. The first thing that came to my mind is that the same can be said about penises. This has not made men leap to have them lopped off.

But I digress. A decision that serious, gallbladder excision, not penis removal, would only be made if I found myself in agony quite often. –knock on wood– There are some remedies, other than simple pain killers, that can be tried. I plan to have the ingredients on hand, so that I can try them if I have another bout.



So I did a flush. I would never want any of you to say that I recommended this. I am simply recounting what I did, and I do not mean it as some sort of endorsement. It is not.IMG_0361

I did my masters in epidemiology, which is a type of statistics. Statistics is how we guess things. Since it is never possible to count everything, we have developed short cuts to guess the numbers involved. The epidemiology part was in animal health. I have a significant understanding of what is known and what appears to be known. The difference between the two is vast.

So when I hear catastrophic warnings about what I eat, for instance, it is quite laughable. We need to eat. At this point, everything has been implicated. Any gains we make in one area will have to be made up somewhere else. We will still all die. I know I’m on a rant. This is one of those topics for me. I feel we’ve gone too far and are interfering markedly with our quality of life. Men my age are more likely to die from suicide.

In the evaluation of my flush, I immediately disregarded any homeopathy that prescribed a product. The only difference between that and medicine is that research has been done to prove the medicine works, despite the discrepancy in how each discipline describes their level of certainty.


Dieter’s Disease

Embarrassed to say that waiting for my stomach to growl was quite likely under eating for me. Off and on for several days I’ve had digestive upset (way worse than that) consistent with gallbladder problems.¬†

One of the “causes” is dieting. Also, the type of woman that gets it, and it is twice as likely for women, are: Fair, Fat, Fertile, Forty and Female. Yes, most women are female. I’m fifty, but the rest applies. I’ve spent a lot of time on-line reading about symptoms, causes and treatments.

It is alarming to realize that in the scientific literature (try google scholar) the wording is softer: ‘we think’, ‘it is consistent’, ‘it is possible’ and ‘we are trying to demonstrate’.

In stark contrast, all of the natural and homeopathy sites are certain of everything. Treatments ‘will’ work, options are ‘certainly’ better and suggestions are ‘proven’.

If I am not better soon, I’ll have to call a doctor. Thank goodness, I’m Canadian. The only reason not to call is my own reluctance.