Torrential Rains

Torrents of water were rushing beside the marble curb. Lightening flashed in the distance and the ‘ostello’ operator told me there was no point in going outside.

Here, in Matera, storms this strong only lasted twenty minutes, so I waited. Stormwater drains aren’t a thing here. The roads are designed to direct water downhill to some undisclosed destination, taking the refuse with it.

Obediently, I waited. The storm let up long enough for me to walk to a restaurant. Fortunately for me, because the ostello had no source of food.

Then, quite politely, it resumed its downpour while I was in the restaurant, letting up again for my walk home. I am grateful for the coincidence that allowed me to walk to and from the restaurant with very little rain, even if it poured otherwise for a few hours. 🙂


Restaurant Critic

I’ve seen movies about high-end restaurants being reviewed by influential people and the fuss and the fury that results. However, most of us don’t eat at Michelin reviewed restaurants, at least not every day.

While traveling I made the decision to leave my jewelry at home, remove my gel nails and forgo makeup. This decision was made because I wanted to stay in hostels and hike. Hostels explain the jewelry. If you have no place to secure your things it is not wise to take anything valuable

Hiking and long nails just don’t work. You are too likely to tear one of them and that is just not ok. Make-up is extra weight in your pack and again is not consistent with hiking. I know there are now some high quality products that won’t come off while you sweat, but I still like to be able to wipe my face and it just isn’t worth it, for me.

All of this to say that I am, for the first time, experiencing what it is like to go into a restaurant with no obvious external indication that I have money. Also, in Italy, I don’t speak the language, so they are more likely to go on appearances.

To say my treatment has been atrocious might be an over statement, but it is a noticeable difference. It may not be what I described above at all. It may be any single female out alone in Italy, but I don’t know for sure.

What we need is a single female going into average restaurants and reviewing how they are treated, and of course the food. That review would serve more people more often.


Perception of Smell

My smell has changed. Or rather my perception of odours has changed. I’ve experienced this before while pregnant, but that certainly isn’t the case this time.

I am hating the smell of the dryer sheets. My perfume seems to go stale fast as well. I can’t explain it, but things just smell off and bad.

Time for a change, maybe that will help.


Not Agreeing with Myself

Work vs. Recreation

Some recreation dangerous

Exercise and food intake are impacted

Still felt I’d rather get high than do any more work or watch tv.

Definite split. I can argue both sides but truth is, I smoked. Regardless of how you describe it.

Perhaps I could see it as self prescribed uppers. Instead of the prescription kind that keep you taupe all day, enhancements when most convenient.

I can justify anything.


Religion of Health

Is the argument by my intellectual self that this is bad for me, reason enough not to do something I love?


We have become a society who’s collective religion is health. Let’s ignore the fact that during my lifetime EVERYTHING has been on the “good for you” and “bad for you” list, including cigarettes, which were considered good for you for a while. It is a self-righteous thing to see your choices as the only virtuous and reasonable choices to make.

For me personally, I’m done with the guilt. Or at least I have a personal goal to stop feeling guilty. Who is to say how we should live our lives?

Eat well, exercise, avoid alcohol and other bad habits and die anyway. So what is the point?


Why Sadness

Again, here I am. A little sad and I’m not sure why. I’m in Positano, one of the best places in the world for beautiful escarpments. I rooted myself for a few days, so I’ve gotten to know a few people and yet, I’m still sad.


I am just going to sit with it, but I don’t have any idea why I’m feeling this way. In the past, I would’ve done my best to talk myself out of the mood. I would state the attributes and conclude it wasn’t reasonable. Fortunately, I’ve learned that doesn’t work long term.

Denying or repressing emotions doesn’t make them go away. It just forces them to settle in your body and fester until they erupt at inappropriate times. Alternatively, they can manifest as all kinds of illnesses, muscle aches, headaches, general malaise or worse.

So here I sit sad and I have no idea why.


On-Line Dating

Are You Out There?

Against my better judgement, I decided to go on Match, for a full six months. A few times, I’ve hopped on a site just long enough to take a look around. Having never paid, I did not really correspond with anyone.

I’ve experienced the shocking reality of the false impression I’ve made of someone. If most of our communication is non verble and we are restricted to written forms of communication, our brains fill in the blanks we have no information to counter.

If you find my introduction interesting, say hi. If you’re not that interested, that’s fine too. Good luck on the site. But, I’m not willing to text multiple times and exchange a bunch of emails. I have no way of knowing if I would even like you. I’m sure many would find that offensive. I apologize if I don’t share the same interest in corresponding for long periods of time.

I have things I like to do with my time. I just got back from the cottage with my family. I have friends and interests. You may or may not fit into these activities, but even though I am getting to know you, I have other stuff going on.

I guess my attitude might be part of the problem. Let’s just say, endlessly texting someone I’ve never met does not give me “spoons”.