My Left Foot is Itchy

I apologize once again and remind you dear reader, I recognize I don’t control the topics. So yes, I’m thinking about how itchy my foot is. It is interesting the way my mind is structured. I did have my socks on all day. I try to not do that. Then, I must consider that the itch may be coming from something infectious or parasitic. Fleas can feel like that. I am sitting outside, so I may have been the victim of a flying, biting insect as well.

Vipassana would remind me, annica, or everything is always changing. Remember no craving or aversion. So, spend a moment considering how your body feels, including that my foot is itchy. Vipassana would just tell me to observe it. Perhaps I’ll do that.

According to my book of body symptoms, a “problem” with your left foot points to vulnerability issues and an unwillingness to receive support and a refusal to allow myself to be taken care of by the Universe. That doesn’t resonate at the moment.


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