Starry Night

Just had an urge to play Starry Night by Don McLean. I used to listen to it, once through, in university, after laying down in bed. It was often occupying my mind when I leaped from awake to asleep to find some respite from very difficult days.

I had realized early, everyone had previously been the top of their respective classes. In highschool, there was still an assortment of people with different levels of academic strength. Now, only those capable of getting into university were around. A new hierarchy was forming amongst those who had previously all been the top of their class.

I had long since stopped saying that I was trying to get into vet med, everyone was. I had started to say biology was my major, which was true. I just couldn’t “compete” socially with everyone who thought they were going to become a veterinarian.

New town, new environment, a roommate. Quite simply a time when I felt completely insecure. I think we have a theme folks.


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