I love sens8, a Netflix original show. I had previously watched the first season and now the second season was available. As I watched season 2 it became apparent that I had forgotten too much of season 1 , so I went back to the very beginning. Netflix keeps track of what you have previously watched.

As far as I can tell, the program, not Netflix itself, just the user interface from Bell, my provider, used to have a different timing for when the show is over. So now, the episodes are starting about a minute from the end. You see, on the Netflix interface, it automatically loads the next episode. When you stop near the end, or at some pre-set “ending point”, the program simply starts to open the next episode in the series.

For reasons I can’t explain, the “ending point” was different. So when it advanced to the next episode, the program still assumed that I wanted to watch the last minute or so. Previously, this last minute was when it was preparing the next episode, now it wants to play and set up the next one in queue.

Once it is in the process of starting the next episode, none of the controls work, so I cannot rewind. When I stop it, it is not giving me the option to “play from beginning”. So, I’m watching the credits from all of the episodes so that I can watch the first season from the beginning. There does not appear to be a way around it, I’m just going to let it go through this process for all of the episodes and go and do something else.


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