Smiling Right Side of My Face

Recently I’ve noticed I have been smiling lopsided, opposite to my usual. My right side has significantly less muscle tone.It was once diagnosed. There is a name for it. It has something to do with the nerves, but I digress. I have another theory. I believe the hemispheres of our brains work independently and they affect how we use our face.

I was just smiling with the right side of my face. I was sitting, out on my balcony, music playing. I was contemplating going to the family room to have blue cheese and red wine. Wonderful colour combination.
I was smiling. It was exactly what the animal part wants to do. Oh, and the pool is being heated.

My current theory is that the right side of my face has less tone because for decades I focused on what needed to be done and that is all left brain logical stuff, like buy groceries and do laundry. Now, I am thinking wine, blue cheese, swim and the right side of my face is smiling.


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