I know it looks that way, but I really haven’t stopped writing. I have only stopped posting. As I explained in a post, I may not have “posted” yet, I’m focussing on “spoons”. That means that if something does not immediately feel like it is what I should be doing, I decide to either stop, do it less or if I must do it, do it anyway.

Truth is, I’ve continued to write at the same frequency, it is the act of posting I find laborious. I need to streamline that process. I could start by doing my original writing in a post instead of in a note. Also, the time I take to add links to the topics, etc., is not useful. No one has EVER clicked a link in this blog, with the slight possibility that the “free” blogs don’t track that. In other words, they have and I don’t know it.

Also, the frequency of my posts was out of balance. I have been doing every 11 hours. I think I’ll try every 17. That will still give me a rotating “clock” so I’m not posting at the same time every day, but it shouldn’t be as demanding. I do prefer being slightly behind my real life.



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