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One of my favourite meals. Lasagna and Ceasar Salad. I make the lasagnas up 16 at a time, so it is a staple around here.

About five days ago I turned a corner on my eating. I’ve read similar words before and I hope these turn out to be true for me this time. Suddenly I am not overeating. I just started to trust myself.

I first had to dismantle all of the rules I’ve told myself about what I should and should not be eating. Instead of listening to my body I was making the translation through the word understanding.

What I mean by that are thoughts like, “I ate 200 calories, I can have more.” “I didn’t eat lunch I can eat now.” “I shouldn’t have that.” “I should have this.” Among others… I stopped interpreting my hunger and desire for food through this lens.

I just noticed when I was doing it. As I am writing, I do remember one time I overate….But it seems to have vanished. For the most part I am just losing interest when I am sated

I have tried to dismantle the belief that every thing is good or bad for you. It took a  huge amount of overeating a wide variety of forbidden foods before I trusted myself. My “social self” who learned all of the rules about eating from reading the opinions and “scientific facts” that are common in our media. We’ve been taught if we are fat we should follow strict rules of starvation. Little too heavy for a Friday evening.


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