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Trying to Avoid Aversion

My title is clearly a contradiction, just saying…

My roommate just told me another story about how awful it is at work. I can’t argue, but I am thinking about it less. They say you become more like the people you spend time with. I hate to believe I am seeing the world through upset and indignation.

My focus more and more is on how I can actually have an impact on my world. Like the patent I put in. Why tangle our brains with the latest fear or divisiveness? Why wallow in upset, indignation and self-righteousness?

If we direct our attention to what we can impact, our own lives, we can use our talents to make the lives of others better. This does not need to be grandiose. If you are friendly, be friendly to everyone, for instance.

So yeah, the drama at work was someone used the microwave to cook food. Apparently, people did not like the smell. Sounds racist to me. I just don’t want to be living in the space of judgement, hate and fear anymore.


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