So, No Kitten Shopping

He looks pretty relaxed. He got over the stress of moving to a new home and appears to be doing well. What a cutie pie.

So no kitten shopping. My daughter got a kitten an hour train ride from her place. He’s hiding.

We’ll know soon if he can make the adjustment to living in his new home. I did remind her that that was why I didn’t want to pick out a kitten for her. She had to know if she liked it. Or, more importantly, he liked her.

She wanted an affectionate kitty not one afraid to be held. These likes and dislikes are firmed up about seven weeks of age. So the best time to adopt is at six weeks.

Concern about vaccinating has delayed adoption to nine weeks of age or older. So, you must like each other on meeting.

She called 4 minutes after I wrote the preceding three paragraphs. I said give it a day or two. I sent my condolences. It is always difficult having to give up a pet. I hope he comes around. I would hate for her to have to deal with it.


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