I first noticed I missed it when I got back home from Spain and no longer needed to carry my iPhone around with me all the time. While travelling I had it with me even when I went to the toilet in the middle of night, if necessary.

I was staying in inexpensive accommodations for large groups of pilgrims and it was necessary to keep all of my valuables with me at all times. Not like staying in a hotel where you could leave things locked in your room.

The first tracker I bought was very cheap. It was about $20.00. I didn’t check that number but suffice it to say, it was very inexpensive. I looked for a water proof one, that would track swimming as well, and the same brand had a swim proof version. That was my third tracker by my count.

I lost the third one and started to search for another tracker. In walks the waterproof iWatch. Now I track everything. Steps, of course, calories, sleep, heart rate, standing… I think I’m becoming increasingly addicted to my data collection.



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