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Body Language

So I’ve decided for now I’m just going to try to meditate every day, knowing I may miss the odd day and recognizing a certain density needs to be maintained.

The unfortunate thing is that meditating regularly is dislodging a lot of emotions I’ve had stored up.

Something almost came into my awareness. My whole body was not ok. I laid down and considered calling in sick.

At one point, my guard went down and I cried, one gulp before I automatically plugged it back up. Glimpses. Perhaps I’ll be aware of this body sensation in my vipassana. Which I am now considering my morning oasis. I know I was just in this delicious space and I know I can get back there tomorrow. But I digress.

Earlier I was in what I can best describe as emotional pain. I found another pocket I need to process. I am learning to listen to the language my body speaks. Today it was trying to tell me something is buried. I will do my best to dig it up.


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