I set about to do my “to do list items”, when the power went out. No idea why it went out or when it should be back on.

I ended up here instead. In my favourite spot. Sitting on my balcony. The only compromise made, allowed me a flight if nostalgia. Instant coffee. My maker needed hydro.

So I boiled water in a pot, and even though I had to resort to a match to light it, the stove worked. So much easier than starting with a tank of gas, used camping. It also could be used as a consistent way of heating the house, if the power is out for a while.

And yes, I’m having a smoke. It’s the lack of electricity that’s causing me to smoke. That’s supposed to be funny because the gestures and tone of voice would tell you I think I’m being funny. In this medium I have to tell you separately.

It is difficult to proofread your own work because you always know what you meant. Only someone outside can see what’s not clear.


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