Political Eruption

I just had a political eruption. I snapped out of being asleep and just letting that word generating part of my brain talk, talk, talk. I do lose the present moment to thoughts on occasion. I am restricted to what I can discuss, just putting it out there.

A very Canadian issue. The first Trudeau government brought the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into force. My hopes were high, that the second Trudeau would do his family proud and create a perfectly democratic voting system.

My heart chills at the opportunity lost. Some number cruncher decided the current people employed because they won the election might lose their jobs if democracy actually represented the people who did the voting.

Essentially every proposed voter reform put recognition of being in a party as an assumed. Why is that?

Many complain of electing their voice in Ottawa to hear the power of the party had changed the vote against their own community. Proportional representation assumes everyone has allegiances to a party. Because it must be ‘proportional’ to something. That something just happens to be the various parties designing an election in their image.

Below, I have a comprehensive plan. It ensures:

Every vote counts.

Less well funded individuals could fair as well in the voting.

The person you voted for can be true to their priorities.


  • Combine five of the current ridings to create one mega-riding of approximately 500,000 people.
  • Have a single nomination process to choose the five candidates for the riding. (There are already multiple nominations processes – one for each party. Just combine them.)
  • Every candidate becomes a member of parliament.
  • A riding has twenty parliamentary votes. These votes are divided up between the five candidates.
  • One vote is allocated for each 5% of the total number of ballots received on election day.
  • The minimum each candidate can have is one vote in parliament, maximum 16.
  • Voters can register to vote in whatever riding they want, without a residency requirement.

So there you have it. A simple, unbiased voting system that reflects the wishes of the voters. Notice there is no requirement to belong to a party. I understand that the party system will exist for a long time, but why design a new system with that as a requirement? Every vote contributes to the power the individual receiving it will have in parliament. It won’t be adopted. We all know that because it messes with the current power system, which of course is the parties.


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