Pool Open in April

Before the cover came off.

I just had the first swim, in my own pool, since I closed it for the winter. We had a rare hot day for April and I brought the pool up to swimming temperature.

My work day ended at the same moment that a thunderous storm front appeared in the west. I could spare no time. I would miss my swim if it started to thunder.

My pool was struck by lightening the very first summer I had installed. It was so close to the installation date, I was not charged for the repair, but I digress.

Fortunately, I long ago realized a calculation. It was not the amount I spent on the pool, most of those were fixed costs, it was the division of that by the number of swims.

If a week of swims, cost an extra $10.00 to pay for gas, that is only $2.00 a swim. So it’s open in April. I want to divide the larger costs, those of owning a pool over a larger number of weeks.


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