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Multiple Discussions

Multiple discussions with myself about planning. In an effort to not tell stories about myself. Long or short ones. Essentially comes down to one clear fact. You have to believe your time is better spent making up stories about what might happen and how you should deal with it, than it is spent just paying attention to the moment at hand.

There has gotta be a better way to explain this. Right now, here–while you’re reading–to determine if your time is better spent reading this or doing something else. My right hand is itchy, or rather the palm. –Money– Yes, it is a superstition, but it is usually accurate. But I digress.

Consider this. I can mentally go through the steps about what I’m going to do in the future, even if it is a couple of minutes away, and still not know as much information as I would have if I was making the decision at the time. Maybe, just maybe, paying attention to now,  is where my attention should be. It is a great day.


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