I’m fascinated by a feature on the dating site that lets you know who is actually in your general vicinity. These are already people who are around you now.

One guy is a neighbour, about ten years younger. I’m not interested at all. Anyhow, one of his pictures was taken at the swing set my grandson was on at Easter. Good to know. I haven’t recognized anyone yet, but many of the photos are obviously out of date.

The scammers are relentless. Why would anyone have their friend contact you through the dating site? It’s just ridiculous.

Getting attention is nice, but since everyone immediately wants to go “off-site” it is difficult to believe they are actually interested.

I recognize I’m the “new girl” and that’s why the flurry of attention. But it is still nice. It’s been a while, Spain I think, except one unmentionable.


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