Super Day

Oh, yes. I had another super day, just like I had before. I got a huge amount of stuff done. In addition to the list of things I blogged about earlier, several more things came to mind.

Except for my taxes, which I’d hoped to have done today, I got it all done. I did do the grunt work. I have all my paperwork entered into an excel file. Now all I have to do is put the right numbers into the right holes. I should be able to do that pretty efficiently, tomorrow.

A myriad of tasks. I made more progress on more projects today than I have in weeks. I got my move and stand rings, but the exercise minutes are getting harder. Activity only counts above a certain heart rate on an iWatch.

This distinction allows the app to correct for the normal movement you do in a day, when your heartbeat is average for you. I only got 10 minutes or one third of the goal.

I likely got my exercise minutes when I got my ladder out to change the lightbulb in my kitchen ceiling. The ceiling slants up to meet the ceiling of the second story. So it is up about one and a half stories. It is a lot of work to get up there and change the bulbs, but I digress.

I’m attributing it to the meditation. Last time I had done a solid block and I believe this time as well. Worth looking into.

Since I’m not meditating daily, I seem to meditate a lot, get super productive and upbeat and then I take a day or two off and feel myself getting irritated and impatient. 


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