I still can’t get over my need for lists. At some point I just have to pull it all together to make completion efficient. I also know once I write it down, I stop thinking about it. But I must admit to adding something later, often.

  • Patent
  • Pool
  • Crown moulding
  • Taxes
  • Max
  • Update blog

I thought there were more than four. I guess that’s another reason I write them down because they are less abstract. One word, rather than a memory of all the parts of the job.

There is a girl learning how to play drums within earshot. I have listened to her rhythm improve and the segments keep getting longer. While I was typing “parts of the job” she played a drum piece that made me envision being harried doing everything on my list.

Only two time sensitive ones. They go first.

I just added Max. I like to have him detailed twice a year and I missed the fall, other financial priorities. He needs a good rubdown. But that is just a phone call and arranging it on a convenient day. Poor Max, he gets so sad when he’s not sparkly.

Oops the list is starting to get long. I’ve added more and there are some phone calls to make, as well. 


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