Blogging, Spirituality

Wants and Desires

Just paused for a moment and realized how many competing wants and desires are jockeying for my intention. It feels as though they are fragments of me, each with its own set of wishes. What a bizzare thought.

The Vipassana teachings would say that I should give them all up. That is if my goal is enlightenment.

If this were true, or guaranteed, every monk and nun would be enlightened. If that means living that lifestyle, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I believe I chose to be here. If that is the case, I believe I would want to experience this reality, not spend it in the pursuit of remembering where I came from, at the cost of all other experiences. 

That said, as I realize more and more that the principals of coneiya enhance my experience of life, I don’t believe, at this point anyway, full enlightenment has that much to offer me. If the cost is ridding myself of all pleasures.


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