I adore smoking

I haven’t written lately how much I adore smoking. I’ll say upfront, I only smoke on average 1-2/day. I did give it up completely for the 12 days of the retreat, along with all my other vices, except coffee, but I digress.

The luxury of sitting outside, with some music on and a beverage. It is astounding. The simple pleasure of taking a deep breath of smoke and holding it momentarily in your lungs. The same breath, by the way, we are reminded to breath in order to calm ourselves down.

This is followed immediately by the body rush. A tingling all over the surface of the skin that mellows into a full body relaxation. Smoking has been enjoyed for centuries. Let’s not get started on how many times science has been wrong. All you have to do is look to Spain and France. Two cultures that smoke more than we do and have longer life expectancies.

Coming together to relax is an age old pleasure. We’ve created a culture where you can no longer go out and have a drink and a smoke.

Most of the adults alive today grew up with that as a thing to do to relax. The social aspects of smoking may outweigh the medical considerations. Death is inevitable anyway, so at best we’re talking a marginal gain by denying ourselves something pleasurable. 


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