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More Meditation?

This is a picture I took in Santa Colomba de Somoza, Castile and Leon, Spain. While I was walking the Camino.

Vipassana is increasing in my days. My meditating is increasing, I’ve surpassed the five times a week I promised myself.

I find I notice my mind is resting on my body making me feel comforted and relaxed. Equanimity, not labelling things as good or bad, just as is.

Notice any knots, Annica, change. Annica is the word to describe an understanding that everything is impermanent. Do not label it as good or bad just accept it as is and know everything changes.

Unlike calming meditations, wonderful for clearing your mind, vipassana focuses the mind on the body. That place that is experiencing this moment directly, not just talking about it.

I realize how stories overlap in patterns and the mood becomes real in your own life. What I mean is that when I sit and observe my thoughts they bring with them a mood, a visual pattern and a set of thoughts. Ignoring this chatter, even for an hour a day, gives you a break.

It is making my whole life feel better. Better enough that I’m willing to re-examine each black pebble and see if there is more truth there.


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