Obviously, this little guy has nothing to do with a Patent. But this brazen little guy had a hankering for some human food and tore through a screen to get to it.

I’ve done it again I’ve gotten sidetracked. I’ve been working on a simple idea and I finally sent in a patent application. Necessity is the mother of invention and this product was needed.

So now I’m thrown again into self doubt. It is not important if the patent is ever successful, that is a gamble to be sure, I’m wondering if I’ll ever stop thinking of new ways to spend my time.

I have this belief, or thought, that I must be creating or doing all of the time. I’m not suggesting I don’t relax. I write about that enough. It is this ever elusive something I feel like I should be doing.

I got the date for my patent, but I’ve been advised not to discuss it until all of the paperwork is finalized.


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