On-Line Dating

I have a stress headache. It is a totally foreign creature to me. It accompanied me this morning when I went down for coffee and at least an hour or so after I got up. Cottage, iWatch, Easter, Guests and yes, in the middle of that my daughter convinced me to sign up for on-line dating, so I did. I know it was too much all at once because I have a stress headache, as I mentioned earlier.

With Canadian apologies, I am being blunt and honest. I am way too old to be on a dating site, especially pretending to be someone I’m not. So blunt honesty it is. None of us want to waste our time.

I can’t know in advance if it will, or will not, turn out to be the right way to choose to be, but I am too old to spend very much time sitting in front of a screen chatting on a dating site. I’m currently “texting” a guy and it is sooooo boring. I doubt he knows I’m updating my blog. He is taking longer to answer than I am. I wonder what he is doing as well?

Funny my new fascination overlapped with my new watch so my first experiences with my iWatch have all been with notifications from the dating site. I was so thrilled to receive my first notification that I showed my daughter immediately. I had taken her advice and signed up. A guy was contacting me. The universe has a way of timing things perfectly. I took it as another joke. I was going to keep my membership a secret a while longer, but the universe had other ideas.


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