Cyber buddy

I’ve been debating buying an iWatch. I loved my last gadget for counting steps. I really felt compelled to complete them. I had the proof right there. I do miss the encouragement.

On the Camino, where I ran after the loss, I had to keep my phone with me at all times. So I had a super accurate record of how many steps I had taken, including steps to the washroom and across the room.

I was accustomed to the feed back and didn’t want to give it up. After dropping my phone on the dark, green, hard, ceramic tile in my washroom. I knew I had to buy something to replace my phone, before I broke it. I found the Misfit and loved it. I had hit 111 days, more or less, before I lost it.

Truth was, I was hurting myself and I knew it. I did the treadmill after closing the pool. Turns out all the lifting and bending and pulling, required to close a pool, doesn’t actually rack up very many steps. So even though I knew I was exhausted and my muscles were sore, I got onto the treadmill.

The universe liberated both of us. I couldn’t replace my tracker in time to maintain my streak. So, I decided to look into other trackers. I like the feedback. It motivates me. So do I need a “cyber friend” to keep me company or can I just support myself directly?


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