This is an 11:11 from my stove, but it illustrates the point. I see many, many 11’s during an average day.

Wine, nosh, latest Star Trek movie. Perfect.

To me the Star Trek movie is a new release. It actually came out in 2016, but since I haven’t seen it, it is a new release, to me. I am one of the people who would rather watch a movie in the comfort of my own home. Better furniture, no line-ups, full ability to pause, fast-forward (not during a high paced Star Trek movie, of course. But I digress.) rewind or stop completely. I can have a drink, or two, something to eat that is not restricted by what is available at the movie theatre and I can wear whatever is most comfortable.

I am also in private, so I am not self-conscious about screaming, laughing, talking, farting or any other noise I want to make. I still remember the looks I got when I left the movie theatre after ripping several buttons off of my date’s shirt and screaming at the end of Carrie. I actually missed the very end of the movie because I got scared and did not see it. Not an experience I want to relive.

I just got an 1:11:11 when I opened to see how long its been. I feel a little guilty, on a sunny day, having the drapes closed, but it is so much better for the movie. I can open them later for the sunset.


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