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I had drapes made for my family room. I have been in the house for over 14 years and finally decided that the sun blaring in the back doors was too much. I recently had the back doors replaced as well and that contributed to how much light came in.

When I was describing what I wanted to the woman who was designing and creating the drapes, I explained I saw an arch. One simple line in a curve from one side to the other.

She called a couple of times while she was actually working on the drapes and I gave her carte blanche approval to make the kind of drapes she felt would look the best.

I have learned that people who are artists in their fields should be trusted when it comes to things of taste. I am seldom wrong. It is most difficult to work with someone who does not have any taste and doesn’t really understand the nuances of attractiveness when it comes to design, but I digress.

When the drapes were first installed it was dramatic. No other way to describe it. The walls had been bare before and now there was a finished look that made the room seem much larger than it had in the past.

But, the arch had not been designed the way it appeared in my mind. I panicked and first began to think of ways to fix it. I could send them back and have her redo the sides. I could try fixing it myself. I could just re-tuck the parts that were not as I had envisioned them. My mind raced.

A full three days later, I walked into the family room (I had been in there in-between!!). For the first time, I was not “correcting” the drapes to be the way I had envisioned them. I was seeing them. I was actually looking at the drapes without judging. I liked them.

It occurred to me that I was only not enjoying the drapes because I had a preconceived notion of how they “should” look instead of how they did look. Now that I could see them, I realized she had improved on what I had envisioned. I wonder how often I do this in other aspects of me life? That is, miss the good or beauty because I believe it should be different somehow.


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