Sunny Morning

I may have mentioned a few hundred times before, but I do love being Canadian. This morning, there is a clear blue sky with the sun shinning brightly. I stood for a while and let the sun shine on my face. The changing weather is part of the beauty of this country.

I try to get outdoors several times a day. Between sitting on my balcony, which is where I mainly sit in the winter and my deck, which catches the afternoon sun in the warmer weather, I always have the perfect place to sit.

Walking is big for me as well. I prefer walking in wooded, wild areas but I’ll walk down heavily congested roadways where the traffic never stops. It is the walking and being outside that I enjoy. There is something healing and reassuring about nature and the outdoors, even if it is in the heart of a city. So, I want to express my gratitude for this perfect sunny morning that hints at the summer that will soon be upon us. Life is good. Be happy.


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